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Rescheduled: FlexLIVE Youtube Demo – May 6, 2021 – 3 pm

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Rescheduled: FlexLive on Youtube - 3pm - May 6, 2021

We have rescheduled our live youtube event with FlexLIVE for 3pm on Thursday, May 6, 2021.

How to watch instructions:

Step 1) Click link here to stream: Techniks FlexLive YouTube

Step 2) To join the chat simply login to your google/gmail account. 

FlexLive - Live Demo Event Proomotion Banner
We are excited to join the team at Flex Machine Tools for an episode of their  FlexLive YouTube series of high-quality live CNC machine demonstrations. Their talented hosts will guide you through some of the latest additions to our Techniks and Parlec brands. Our friends at Robbjack Carbide Cutting Tools have been kind enough to let us combine their high-precision cutting tools with our holders to show how TTG can help you improve your CNC production. On-hand during the event will be our very own VP of Sales, Mike Eneix, and Midwest Sales Manager, Brian Haskett, to provide technical background of these new technologies. Also joining the discussion will be VP of Engineering for Robbjack, Mike MacArthur, to add his 20 years of experience to the show and explain how combining high-precision cutting tools with Techniks Certified Holders can improve your overall production. The show will cover a detailed overview of our latest ShrinkFIT solutions, demonstrating our compact, but powerful, 00450 ShrinkFIT Machine; as well as run through of our line of ShrinkFIT holders, including coolant-ported, SlimPRO, SFS modular system, and heavy wall shrinkfit holders. Also, for the first time, the superior cutting performance of our Triton Hydraulic Holders will be live and in action. With its enhanced hydraulic bladder, Triton hydraulic holders are disproving the theory that hydros are reserved for just light milling operations. You will see how our Triton chucks are built to hog! Our final demonstration will feature our Parlec brand Micron Milling Chucks. We will describe how the unique features of Micron chucks help improve tool life, surface finish, dimensional accuracy and productivity for all types of heavy duty applications. The M-style Micron Mold Chucks are perfect for extended lengths and tight spaces. We can’t wait to deliver an engaging and informative event, and we are excited to have the chance to interact with other machinists and watch chips fly! If you make the live event, simply login to your google/gmail account and will will be able to join the discussion, and ask any of our experts any questions you may have. But, if you don’t happen to make the live event, you will be able to stream the show in its entirety from YouTube anytime.

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FlexLIVE CNC Tool Demo Event

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Live Tool Demo Event: FlexLive on Youtube - May 6, 2021

Mark Your Calendars and join us as the FlexLive team demonstrates our latest CNC tool holding solutions.

Techniks: FlexLive - Live Demo Event Banner

Techniks is excited to announce that we will be joining the team at Flex Machine Tools for an episode in their Youtube series of live demonstrations. FlexLive Youtube series provides high-quality, engaging live demos for all types of CNC machining solutions.

We will be featuring our latest products from both our Parlec and Techniks brands; including our newest ShrinkFIT machines, our Triton Hydraulic Holders, Parlec’s high-precision Micron Milling Chucks and a preview of our P3 Advanced Collet System. The advantages of each new technology will be covered, while the FlexLive team puts our tools to the test in LIVE CNC demonstrations.

We want to thank our friends at Robbjack Cutting Tools for providing the cutting tools for this event. RobbJack specializes in the engineering, manufacture and sale of solid carbide cutting tools

Watch the last time we partnered with FlexLive

Techniks was invited to contribute a couple of magnetic workholding chucks to be used within the CNC machining centers for the purpose of the demo. Beginning at the 22:00 minute mark, we feature our high-powered EEPM 6100 magnetic workholding chuck. Capable of providing over 86,000 pounds of holding force, our magnetic workholding chucks are the superior solution over all other workholding fxtures. 

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Spinner Deburring is The Fastest Metal Deburring Solution


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sPINner Deburring is the Fastest Metal Deburring Solution

Learn the ways to speed up your deburring process with sPINner

The sPINNer relieves hand deburring bottlenecks and batch deburrs in minutes.

Is your shop still hand deburring small and intricate parts? 
Is hand deburring a bottleneck in your production? 
Does it take longer to deburr a part than it did to machine it?

In today’s increasingly automated world, metal removal and deburring remains an area where manual methods are still predominately preferred over mechanized methods.  Deburring is often performed by hand with simple tools, giving some the impression that it is a task that does not add value. This attitude and the desire to cut costs have created an environment that minimizes the importance of developing and cultivating effective deburring processes. Deburring is an option that is critical to quality. When its importance is minimized, serious quality and safety issues case arise.

Combine Manual and Machine

At Techniks we know that no machining process is ever perfect, so there will always be a need for manual deburring of tight corners and other hard-to-reach areas. No matter how efficient the metal removal process, no matter how sharp and well-maintained the cutting tool, burrs are a fact of machining life. The solution to achieving the highest quality parts doesn’t rely on manual versus automated deburring, but how you can use automated methods to speed up the necessary manual processes that traditionally impede production.

The sPINner batch deburr dozens, even hundreds, of your small precision metal parts,  eliminating the time-consuming and tedious hand-deburring.  The sPINner reaches where hand deburring cannot, works great for irregular parts and small precision parts with hard-to-reach internal cavities.

How sPINner Speeds Up Production

The sPINner’s powerful internal magnet, located within the machine body, creates a rotating magnetic field, producing what some customers have called a “form-fitting brush” that gently removes burrs from small parts. The tumbling action of the magnetized stainless steel pin media effectively deburrs, smooths rough edges, and even burrs in tough to get to areas such as cross holes, IDs, and small slots.

Common application where the sPINner is found to be more effective include: Orthopedic implants and screws, Dental implants and screws, Stents, and RF connectors.

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Spinner Service - Free Sample Analysis

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5 Magnetic Workholding Methods Guaranteed to Increase Your CNC Production

cnc machine mold making for automotive parts with techniks magnetic workholding

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Five Magnetic Workholding Methods Guaranteed to Increase Your CNC Production

Magnetic workholding speeds up CNC machining

As magnets continue to make their way into more and more shops, we continue to see the same old fears that keeps so many people from adopting new technologies, fear of change, fear of costs, among others. Techniks makes this transition painless and cost-effective. Our engineers specializes in creating custom TURN-KEY magnetic workholding fixtures, or choose from our wide selection of standard magnetic chucks.

Since 2001, Techniks has designed, built, and installed electro-permanent magnetic workholding and permanent magnetic lifting solutions for metal fabricating and manufacturing. Today we offer a wide variety of in-stock magnetic chucks. Thick workpieces or small – just about any ferrous material can be held and machined magnetically. Larger parts are easier to hold because there is more material for the magnetic flux to penetrate. For smaller parts, using work stops and nesting the part are options that work well. Magnetic workholding is used for just about all types of machining operations on horizontal or vertical CNC machines.

Check out these 5 featured workholding magents that are guaranteed to improve your cnc machining production.


EEPM chucks to ensure your workpiece is uniformly supported over a larger single area, freeing up all five sides of your workpiece, so you can machine the entire profile of the part in one setup.

2) Modular Magnetic Chucks

Modular Workholding Chucks provide almost unlimited flexibility to hold workpieces of varying sizes. Up to 8,250 lbs holding power for superior holding power, workpiece stability, and reduced vibration.

3) Circular Magnetic Chucks

Vertical Turning Chucks are a powerful and fast workholding fixture optimized for horizontal or vertical turning centers and 5-axis machining. Machine multiple operations in a single setup

4) Plastic Injection Mold Magnets

Designed specifically for plastic injection mold clamping, these workholding magnets are the perfect solution for quick mold and die change for plastic injection, metal stamping, die casting and rubber molding. 

5) ECB Magnetic Vises

Our ECB series magnetic vise blocks are our most modular workdholding solutions for all types of applications. Position ECB vises just where you need them and cut complex part shapes, outside and inside diameters, and irregular profiles.

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Magnetic 5-axis Workholding

circular workholding magnet holding metal body part for aerospace

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Magnetic 5-Axis Workholding

Replace traditional clamps and vices with Workholding Magnets

The Wilderness of Workholding

If you had the chance to visit IMTS Spark, Techniks was excited to showcase our line of MagVISE workholding magnets. IMTS spark featured various workholding solution providers and the technological advancements in metal fixturing and material handling. It’s easy to see how these technologies can improve production and part quality, but browsing the vast wilderness of vises, blocks, clamps and jaws, only adds to the challenges you already face to improve production.

Magnetic Workholding is Perfect for 5-Axis Machining

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the workholding fixture that’s right for you, including the model of the CNC machine you’re working on, the metal you’re machining, and the specific job you are running. While traditional vises and clamps remain a default solution in many CNC machining centers, advancements in magnetic workholding technology are causing many shops to re-evaluate their workdholding fixtures, especially for 5-axis machining.


MagVISE utilizes the entire bottom surface area of the workpiece and powerful ultrapermanent or permanent magnets to provide unmatched clamping forces. Self-centering vises only grip the very bottom of the workpiece and dovetail systems only clamp a small section of material limiting the clamping forces that can be applied.


MagVISE produces a uniform down-force along the entire bottom surface area to allow machining the part in a free-state without distortion from squeezing or compressing forces. Clamping forces along the bottom of the part from self-centering vises can result in distorting the part, resulting in a loss of accuracy and dimension.


The MagVISE systems do not require any special machining to prepare workpieces. Simply place your parts on the MagVISE, activate the magnets, and RUN!  Dovetail systems require machining a dovetail feature into the bottom of the workpieces prior to running your job.


The MagVISE systems do not disfigure the bottom of the part like self-centering systems and do not require removing a dovetail feature. With MagVISE it’s ONE-AND-DONE!  Self-centering vises can cause the bottom outside surfaces of the part with indentations from the vise jaws or inserts, and dovetail systems leave the dovetail feature on the bottom of workpiece. Parts must be re-fixtured to machine off the bottom in order to finish the part. 


The entire bottom surface area of the workpiece is placed on the MagVISE face greatly reducing vibration for superior results! Self-centering vises often elevate the part above the base of the vise bed and dovetail systems only hold a small section of material on the bottom of the part. These systems allow excessive vibration reducing cutting tool life and producing chattery surface finishes.

Learn more about magnetic workholding and lifting

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ShrinkFIT Machine Demo 2021

cutting tool in shrinkfit holder

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New Video: ShrinkFIT Machines Demo 2021

Follow our step-by-step demonstration of our ShrinkFIT machines

In this Digital Demo, National Sales Manager, Mike Eneix, presents a step-by-step walkthrough of Techniks’ 00450 ShrinkSTATION and 00500 Quencher ShrinkFIT machines and reviews the company’s shrink fit tooling solutions. This demonstration will explain the pros and cons of ShrinkFIT and offer examples of when ShrinkFIT can effectively be incorporated into a production line. In addition, Eneix will demonstrate the latest in ShrinkFIT machine technology, which achieves consistent tool set-ups and results at price points that won’t break the tooling budget.

Techniks ShrinkSTATION machines make it easy and safe to perform shrink fit tool changes without causing damage to the toolholder or cutting tool, as long as the machine is correctly installed and proper operating procedures are followed. 

ShrinkSTATION machines are designed to work best with Techniks shrink fit tool holders made from H13 tool steel with bore diameters from 1/8” to 1-1/4” (3mm to 32mm). They are designed for shrink fitting tools with carbide shanks. Tool shank diameter tolerance is critical. At least an H6 tolerance is advised for optimum performance.

Make sure toolholders are clean and free from defects before inserting the tool in the tool holder. If debris or a burr is inserted into the tool holder with the tool, tool life may be reduced. Damage to the tool or toolholder may also occur as the tool may be difficult or impossible to extract.

00500 Quencher

00450 ShrinkSTATION

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Rescheduled: FlexLIVE Youtube Demo – May 6, 2021 – 3 pm

Rescheduled: FlexLive on Youtube – 3pm – May 6, 2021​. We are excited to join the team and Flex Machine Tools to feature our newest CNC tooling solutions. The talented hosts at FlexLive will demonstrate the superior cutting quality of some of Techniks newest tools, while discussing their overall advantages.

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Spinner Deburring is The Fastest Metal Deburring Solution

sPINner Deburring is the Fastest Metal Deburring Solution. Batch deburr your small precision metal parts, eliminated tedious hand-deburring. The sPINner reaches where hand deburring cannot, works great for irregular parts and small precision parts with hard-to-reach internal cavities.

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