00500-M Quencher ShrinkFIT Machine

  • Easy to use touch screen design

  • Induction coil technology enables tool changes in 3-6 seconds

  • Cooling cycle uses coolant bath cools in 30 seconds

Part No.Tool DiametersPowerL x D x HShip Wt.
00500-M1/8” -1-1/4”480V, 30A, 3 phase37” x 24” x 71”660 lbs

Product Description

The 00500-M Quencher is an ideal solution for job shops or manufacturing facilities that need tool changes and tool cooling done quickly. Every component of this machine from the industrial touch-screen interface, to the motor driven transport rail, and the heavy-duty stainless steel base, is designed for reliable performance and ease-of-use in demanding environments. The Quencher includes everything you need to perform shrink fit tool changes on CAT40, CAT50, BT30, BT40, ISO30, HSK40, 50, 63 and 100, C4, C5, C6 toolholders.

Techniks CNC ShrinkFIT Tools

If you do high-speed, or high-torque machining you should seriously consider the benefits of shrink-fit technology. Your investment will pay for itself many times over.

Shrink fit uses the expansion and contraction properties of metal to provide extremely powerful tool holding. The bore is slightly smaller than the tool shank, and when heated it expands just enough to allow the tool to be inserted. As the shrink fit tool holder cools, the contraction of the metal holds the cutting tool with extremely high clamping forces.

What Is Shrink Fit Technology?

Shrink Fit tooling is design with the bore being slightly smaller in diameter than the cutting tool. A heat-inducing machine heats and expands the bore in the shrink fit tool holder. As the holder cools the subsequent thermal contraction exerts extremely high and uniform pressure on the tool shank. Using the tool is equally easy. The tool can be changed within seconds and increases production significantly by reducing tooling change downtime.

Features of Techniks 00500 Quencher ShrinkFIT Machine

  • Induction coil technology enables tool changes in 3-6 seconds
  • Easy to use touch screen design
  • Heating time is automatically set by tool diameter
  • The coolant bath and the air-drying system cool tools in under 30 seconds

Techniks 00500 Quencher Shrink FIT Machines’ Specifications

Techniks Quencher machine features a liquid cooling cycle that is 250% FASTER than air-cooled units.

Each Shrinkstation includes:

Part No.Description
00600-00165Induction Ring (3 - 5mm shanks)
00600-00166Induction Ring (6 - 12mm shanks)
00600-00167Induction Ring (14 - 20mm shanks)
00600-00168Induction Ring (25 - 32mm shanks)
00600-9006Tool Holder Adapter – HSK63/HSK100
00600-9002Tool Holder Adapter – 40 taper
00600-9003Tool Holder Adapter – HSK40
00600-9004Tool Holder Adapter – HSK50
00600-9005Tool Holder Adapter – 30 taper
00600-9006Tool Holder Adapter – PSC6
26139-LThermal Insulated Glove

Additional Options Available:

Part No.Description
385-11878-9Tool Holder Adapter – 30 taper
385-11878-6Tool Holders Adapter – HSK40 & C4
385-11878-8Tool Holder Adapter – HSK50 & C5
00400/00450-EPExtension Pedestal for long tool holders

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