EEPM Magnetic Workholding Chucks


Since 2001, Techniks has designed, built, and installed electro-permanent magnetic workholding and permanent magnetic lifting solutions for metal fabricating and manufacturing. Compared to traditional CNC workholding fixtures, our magnetic workholding solutions use powerful rare-earth magnets embedded into our EEPM chucks to ensure your workpiece is uniformly supported over a larger single area, freeing up all five sides of your workpiece, so you can machine the entire profile of the part in one setup.

Magnetic workholding greatly reduces set up and part change-over time, giving your spindle more time to make chips. Thick or thin, large or small – just about any ferrous material can be held and machined magnetically. Larger parts are easier to hold because there is more material for the magnetic flux to penetrate. For smaller parts, using work stops and nesting the part are options that work well. Magnetic workholding is used for just about all types of machining operations on horizontal or vertical CNC machines.


In the ON state, alnico and rare-earth magnets alternate poles, creating a powerful magnetic attraction. Holding power varies with type of material being held, surface finish, and part thickness.

Minimum recommended part size is 5″ x 5″ x 3/8″ thick, so a minimum of 4 magnetic poles are covered by the part. Workstops, pins or part nesting techniques ensure the ability to hold small, thin parts without movement.

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