Retention Knobs

Tested @ 2.5X the pulling forces of the drawbar.

The only thing standing between a job well done and catastrophic failure is the retention knob. MegaFORCE Retention Knobs are designed to deliver superior performance and enhanced safety for the critical connection between your machine spindle and the tool holder.Retention Knobs are subjected to extreme pulling forces of up to 5,000 ft. lbs. Over time, this stress exploits weaknesses in the retention knob and can lead to breakage. MegaFORCE Retention Knobs have been designed and manufactured to increase the strength and durability of this critical connection.

The longer overall length engages threads deeper in the tool holder, reducing taper swelling and maximizing taper/spindle contact for the most rigid connection. MegaFORCE also features a redesigned, blended radii for improved overall strength, making MegaFORCE the strongest high-torque retention knob in the market.

How MegaFORCE Compares to standard rentention knobs

Standard vs. MegaFORCE Comparison
  • Smooth & Strong

    Blended radii smooth sharp angles and improve strength.

  • Stable in the cut

    Precision pilot provides greater stability

  • Formed Strength

    Rolled threads provide 20% greater strength versus cut threads

  •  Improved Accuracy

    Deeper thread engagement reduces taper swelling

Rentention Knob Best Practices

Regularly inspect retention knobs for signs of wear. Wear may appear as dimples or grooves under the head or visible corrosion anywhere on the retention knob. If the retention knob demonstrates any signs of wear replace it immediately. 

Make sure to properly torque the retention knob to the manufacturer’s specifications. Use a torque wrench and retention knob adapter to ensure proper torque. Overtightening can overly stress the retention knob leading to premature failure and can cause the tool holder taper to swell leading to a poor fit between the machine spindle and the tool holder.

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