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Techniks is a proud member of Techniks Tool Group. Since 1997, Techniks has been providing a broad range of tool holding and other unique and productivity enhancing solutions to manufacturers throughout North America.

In addition to our vast offering of spindle tooling including collet chucks, collets, shrink fit holders and machines, side-lock end mill holders, hydraulic chucks, milling chucks, tapping systems, boring tools, retention knobs, and tool setup equipment, we also offer magnetic workholding and material handling systems for ferritic materials, and the sPINner deburring system that enables batch processing of small parts that used require hand deburring. Whether you are looking for standard tooling or something special to optimize your application, Techniks has got the solution for you!

Techniks has partnered with select industrial distributors throughout North America to bring you our solutions and provide high-touch local support. We augment the coverage of our distribution partners with our network of local sales agents and in-house sales teams. Looking for a distributor or sales agent? Click HERE to get connected!


Our Mission

At Techniks, our mission is to provide high-quality and innovative solutions that optimize manufacturing processes for customers engaged in metalworking, composites machining, and woodworking to meet the most challenging applications, improve machining processes, and create cost efficiencies. We build long-term and valued relationships by providing superior customer service, knowledgeable applications support, broad selections of highly engineered solutions, and rapid order fulfillment.


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Techniks Tool Group brings together the strength of the industry’s leading brands to provide the industry’s most comprehensive range of solutions for virtually any tooling need “from spindle to workpiece”.

C6 composite tooling

Techniks provides the industry’s broadest assortment of tool holding solutions for CNC machining centers, covering all major types of toolholders (e.g., CAT 40, HSK), collets, nuts, retention knobs, and other products, and offering superior specifications (e.g., superior concentricity, rigidity) relative to cost and a creative new product development function.

Parlec produces tool holding solutions for high-performance applications requiring the most stringent quality standards for accuracy, balance, and rigidity to perform in some of the most challenging applications. Parlec offers a wide range of specialized and standard tool holding solutions, including all major types of toolholders (e.g., CAT 40, HSK), collets, nuts, and other products.

C6 Composite Tooling delivers specialized cutting tools optimized for the machining of light-weight composite materials increasingly used by OEM manufacturers and Tier I suppliers in aerospace, energy, and automotive.

Earth-Chain provides sophisticated magnetic workholding and material handling solutions for ferritic materials, offering highly customized and standardized solutions to its customers.

The Spinner provides innovative customized and standard deburring technologies for batch processing of small parts, allowing its customers to optimize and expedite the deburring process.

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