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The deburring machine for your small intricate parts!

About sPINner Magnetic Deburring and Finishing

Batch deburr dozens, even hundreds, of your small precision metal parts with Techniks sPINner magnetic deburring and finishing machine. Eliminate the time-consuming and tedious hand-deburring, polishing, or finishing process and let the sPINner do the work for you. The sPINner reaches where hand deburring cannot, works great for irregular parts and small precision parts with hard-to-reach internal cavities.

The powerful, internal magnet located within the machine body creates a rotating magnetic field, stirring the contents within your sPINner tub. The tumbling action of the magnetized stainless steel pin media effectively deburrs, smooths rough edges, and polishes your parts for the highest quality finish possible.

Contact us and send us a sample for FREE deburring test, our deburring specialist will provide a complete report which includes specific media used and average deburring time.

Works Best For:

  • Surface polishing
  • Pre-electroplating processing
  • Removing heat treat scaling
  • Oxidized grease/film cleaning
  • Removing rust/cleaning threads

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Contact us and send us your parts for FREE deburring test!