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Triton Hydraulic Holders - Achieve the ultimate accuracy.

Triton Hydraulic Chucks deliver repeatable accuracy of <0.003mm to meet your most exacting tolerances.

Get Ultimate Accuracy Using Triton Hydraulic Holders

Triton hydraulic hydraulic chucks feature a thicker wall construction and more compact hydraulic design that concentrates the clamping force on the tool shank, increasing holding power up to 350% compared standard hydraulic chucks. The increased holding power enables Triton chucks to be used for heavy milling applications in addition to more typical operations like drilling, reaming, thread milling and finish milling.

Why Triton Hydraulic Holders

Triton Hydraulic HoldersThe hydraulic reservoir around the bore provides vibration-damping properties that reduce chatter in the cut, improving surface finish and enhancing tool life. Tool changes are performed with a hex wrench. Triton chucks have a repeatable accuracy of under 0.003 micron at 3×D and are balanced to a minimum of 25,000 rpm at 2.5 Gs for high-speed applications. CAT- and BT-tapered Triton chucks can provide through-spindle as well as AD+B flange coolant.

The chucks can hold shank diameters ranging from 1/8” to 1 1/4” by using reduction sleeves. We also offer reduction sleeves treated with its TTG-594 compound, that increase the holding power. Triton chucks are available in standard and dual-contact CAT 40/50, standard and dual-contact BT 30/40, and HSK 63A/100A.

It’s all in the palm of your hand!

Best CAT40 Triton Hydro Holder

The new Triton Hydraulic Chucks from Techniks raise the bar in terms of what you can expect from hydraulic tool holders.

Built-in Accuracy

Triton Hydraulic Chucks deliver repeatable accuracy of <0.003mm to meet your most exacting tolerances.

The Strength to Handle Your Toughest Applications

A redesigned hydraulic bladder delivers 3.5X the gripping force of standard hydraulic chucks and thicker bore walls provide greater stability in high material removal applications.

Flexible and Secure
Reduction sleeves give you the flexibility to hold any shank diameter. Reduction sleeves with bores of ½” or 12mm and larger have been treated with TTG-594 to create H-LOCKED; the world’s strongest holding force in a reduction sleeve!

Quiet in the Cut
Triton’s hydraulic bladder surrounds the tool shank and dampens vibrations, so tools run longer and quieter producing superior surface finishes and extending tool life.

Snappy Tool Changes
Change tools with just a hex wrench; no tightening fixtures, no torque wrenches, no hassle!

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