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Five Magnetic Workholding Methods Guaranteed to Increase Your CNC Production

Magnetic workholding speeds up CNC machining

As magnets continue to make their way into more and more shops, we continue to see the same old fears that keeps so many people from adopting new technologies, fear of change, fear of costs, among others. Techniks makes this transition painless and cost-effective. Our engineers specializes in creating custom TURN-KEY magnetic workholding fixtures, or choose from our wide selection of standard magnetic chucks.

Since 2001, Techniks has designed, built, and installed electro-permanent magnetic workholding and permanent magnetic lifting solutions for metal fabricating and manufacturing. Today we offer a wide variety of in-stock magnetic chucks. Thick workpieces or small – just about any ferrous material can be held and machined magnetically. Larger parts are easier to hold because there is more material for the magnetic flux to penetrate. For smaller parts, using work stops and nesting the part are options that work well. Magnetic workholding is used for just about all types of machining operations on horizontal or vertical CNC machines.

Check out these 5 featured workholding magents that are guaranteed to improve your cnc machining production.


EEPM chucks to ensure your workpiece is uniformly supported over a larger single area, freeing up all five sides of your workpiece, so you can machine the entire profile of the part in one setup.

2) Modular Magnetic Chucks

Modular Workholding Chucks provide almost unlimited flexibility to hold workpieces of varying sizes. Up to 8,250 lbs holding power for superior holding power, workpiece stability, and reduced vibration.

3) Circular Magnetic Chucks

Vertical Turning Chucks are a powerful and fast workholding fixture optimized for horizontal or vertical turning centers and 5-axis machining. Machine multiple operations in a single setup

4) Plastic Injection Mold Magnets

Designed specifically for plastic injection mold clamping, these workholding magnets are the perfect solution for quick mold and die change for plastic injection, metal stamping, die casting and rubber molding. 

5) ECB Magnetic Vises

Our ECB series magnetic vise blocks are our most modular workdholding solutions for all types of applications. Position ECB vises just where you need them and cut complex part shapes, outside and inside diameters, and irregular profiles.

Greg Webb

Greg Webb

Greg has been with Techniks Tool Group for over 23 years serving in many roles from VP of Sales to President & CEO during which he has gained a deep understanding of CNC manufacturing processes and how to optimize tooling and workholding solutions for specific applications. He has written several articles, white papers, and blogs on various tooling, deburring, and workholding-related topics. As a recognized subject matter expert on CNC tooling, Greg is often approached to provide opinions and content for technical articles.

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