What is Parlec’s Turbo-Turn

Parlec understands that manufacturers increasingly require customized tooling solutions to meet the demands of today’s complex machining requirements and the ability to deliver tight-tolerance parts on time and of the highest quality standards. Parlec also appreciates that when manufacturers identify opportunities for customized tooling, they can’t wait several months waiting to get the tools in their production. In response, Parlec has created the Turbo-Turn specials program. Parlec has dedicated production lines to deliver customized tooling in just a few weeks as opposed to the several months offered by other tool holding providers. We call this quick-turn specials capability ‘Turbo-Turn’.

Why Parlec Turbo-Turn?

Having the right tool for the job can mean the difference between success and failure. Ever tried using pliers to tighten a hex bolt? Did it work? Maybe. Was there a high potential of failure due to damaging the head of the bolt? Yes. Did it take much longer to tighten or loosen the bolt? YES! Having the right tool for the job to ensure success is the concept behind Parlec’s Turbo-Turn program. Today’s demanding machining requirements often present challenges that are not met with standard off-the-shelf tooling. Parlec’s Turbo-Turn program delivers the customized solutions manufacturers need to ensure success – FAST!

The benefits of application-specific tooling are many, including the ability to combine several operations into a single operation. This can eliminate the need to re-fixture the parts and/or the need to perform secondary operations on other equipment. Anytime parts need re-fixturing or moved to secondary equipment, manufacturers lose precious production time. High-production environments can particularly benefit from the time savings resulting from multi-operation tooling since every production second can mean the difference between missing deadlines or delivery jobs on time.

Another benefit of application-specific tooling is the potential to eliminate the need to re-fixture or move parts to secondary equipment. Anytime parts need re-fixtured or moved to secondary equipment to compensate for the limitations of standard tooling, additional tolerances enter the equation. This can create tolerance issues and result in scrap or expensive and time-consuming rework.  Using customized, application-specific tooling can eliminate the need for additional setups and maintain critical tolerances as well as reduce production costs.

What Kind of Solutions are Included in Parlec’s Turbo-Turn?

Parlec’s Turbo-Turn program can provide custom tooling for a wide variety of standard tooling spindle connections including standard and dual-contact CAT40/50/60, HSK63/100/125, and BT30/40. We have created Turbo-Turn specials with a variety of features such as flange entry AD/B coolant delivery, coolant groves or ports, RFID chip pockets, balancing holes, and projections up to 24” for steep taper tooling and 15” for HSK tooling. Turbo-Turn can create virtually any tool interface including collet pocket, side-lock, shrink fit, face mill, or customized tool interfaces. With over 75 years of providing tooling solutions, we’ve seen about everything. Challenge us!

Parlec’s Turbo-Turn program allows every shop to get productivity-improving, customized tooling that can help streamline production, reduce costs, and maintain critical tolerances. Delivery lead times are as short as 4 weeks, so why wait to transform your production? Visit www.parlec.com for more information or contact us at info@parlec.com or call us at (800) 866-5872 to start turbo-charging your production with Turbo-Turn!

Greg Webb

Greg Webb

Greg has been with Techniks Tool Group for over 23 years serving in many roles from VP of Sales to President & CEO during which he has gained a deep understanding of CNC manufacturing processes and how to optimize tooling and workholding solutions for specific applications. He has written several articles, white papers, and blogs on various tooling, deburring, and workholding-related topics. As a recognized subject matter expert on CNC tooling, Greg is often approached to provide opinions and content for technical articles.