Techniks Certified Tools

CNC Router tools for machining of wood, plastics, and composites.

Techniks offers CNC tool holding systems for milling all types of wood and composite materials, including: plastics, CFRP, GRP, SMC, and aluminium. We offer holder styles from HSK, BT, ISO, and SK collet chuck styles, to high-accuracy options such as shrinkFIT and hydraulic holders. Use our complete selection wrenches and tightening fixtures for efficient tool setup and correct torque. 

Techniks aggregate heads, also known as angle heads, unleash 5-axis machining to your cnc machining center. Once attached to your spindle drive, aggregates greatly enhance your spindle capabilities, allowing you to machine a wider range of operations and materials. Aggregates are the perfect cutting tool for composites, plastics, and general woodworking operations. including: routing, drilling, mortising, tenoning and sawing.

Aggregate Heads Never-Down Guarantee!

We stand behind our aggregate heads with our “Never Down” Guarantee. Should yours ever need servicing, a replacement will be shipped to you to get you back to work until the original aggregate is repaired and back in service. Learn more about our top-quality aggregate heads on the next page. Replacement aggregates are limited to standard configuration and subject to availability.

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