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Tooling Solutions for Narrow and Deep Cavity Milling

Check out our narrow-nosed and slimfit collet systems.

Comparison of Naroow Nosed Tools

Milling in tight corners or deep cavities present machinists with a lot of different tooling requirements and machining parameters to consider.  According to this article from, the first step is simply addressing the common challenges of deep pocket milling; including tool deflection, which can lead to excessive machine chatter, wall taper, poor wall finish, and generally poor tool life and part quality. 

Deep Pocket machining will almost always require multiple stepdown passes to reach the bottom of the cavity.  The worse the tool deflection issues, the more passes will be required. It’s advised to focus on limiting the stickout, or projection, of the cutting tool from the holder as much as possible. We are speaking in the context of extended lengths, so this is relative to your part’s operation and desired wall depth. 

“In cases where you have flutes the full length of the tool, they’re going to be rubbing and potentially cutting the walls created by previous passes.  That needs to be minimized, and the right way to do that is to use tool shanks that have been relieved so they don’t contact the wall.”

While multiple stepdown passes are inevitable, machining parts with high walls require extended reach holders and end mills in order to mill at your required depths. Once your tooling is configured to reach your desired depth, we want to limit witness marks as much as possible, with each pass, in order to achieve the highest quality part. Techniks Extended length tools and SlimFIT holders provide the reach you need to get into the tightest spaces, combined with high quality, precision cutting tools, you can finally improve your deep pocket machining.

1) DNA ER Collet System

DNA collets provide shorter projection from the collet chuck for better rigidity and when clearance is needed. The DNA collet and nut system provides better rigidity and are more accurate than ER for small
diameter shanks.

2) SlimFIT Drawbar Collet System

SlimFIT collets are longer overall than ER collets and feature a 4˚ taper, delivering better engagement between collet and tool shank, resulting in better accuracy and balance than ER systems.

3) ShrinkFIT Holders

If you do high speed, or high torque machining you should seriously consider the benefits of shrink fit technology. Shrink fit uses the expansion and contraction properties of metal to provide extremely powerful tool holding. 

4) Parlec M-style Micron Chucks

The M-style mold chuck’s narrow-nose design allows for
deep, hard-to-reach machining; perfect for cutting deep
die molds and any application where reach and clearance demand enhanced precision and performance.

Greg Webb

Greg Webb

Greg has been with Techniks Tool Group for over 23 years serving in many roles from VP of Sales to President & CEO during which he has gained a deep understanding of CNC manufacturing processes and how to optimize tooling and workholding solutions for specific applications. He has written several articles, white papers, and blogs on various tooling, deburring, and workholding-related topics. As a recognized subject matter expert on CNC tooling, Greg is often approached to provide opinions and content for technical articles.

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