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sPINner Deburring is the Fastest Metal Deburring Solution

Learn the ways to speed up your deburring process with sPINner

The sPINNer relieves hand deburring bottlenecks and batch deburrs in minutes.

Is your shop still hand deburring small and intricate parts? 
Is hand deburring a bottleneck in your production? 
Does it take longer to deburr a part than it did to machine it?

In today’s increasingly automated world, metal removal and deburring remains an area where manual methods are still predominately preferred over mechanized methods.  Deburring is often performed by hand with simple tools, giving some the impression that it is a task that does not add value. This attitude and the desire to cut costs have created an environment that minimizes the importance of developing and cultivating effective deburring processes. Deburring is an option that is critical to quality. When its importance is minimized, serious quality and safety issues case arise.

Combine Manual and Machine

At Techniks we know that no machining process is ever perfect, so there will always be a need for manual deburring of tight corners and other hard-to-reach areas. No matter how efficient the metal removal process, no matter how sharp and well-maintained the cutting tool, burrs are a fact of machining life. The solution to achieving the highest quality parts doesn’t rely on manual versus automated deburring, but how you can use automated methods to speed up the necessary manual processes that traditionally impede production.

The sPINner batch deburr dozens, even hundreds, of your small precision metal parts,  eliminating the time-consuming and tedious hand-deburring.  The sPINner reaches where hand deburring cannot, works great for irregular parts and small precision parts with hard-to-reach internal cavities.

How sPINner Speeds Up Production

The sPINner’s powerful internal magnet, located within the machine body, creates a rotating magnetic field, producing what some customers have called a “form-fitting brush” that gently removes burrs from small parts. The tumbling action of the magnetized stainless steel pin media effectively deburrs, smooths rough edges, and even burrs in tough to get to areas such as cross holes, IDs, and small slots.

Common application where the sPINner is found to be more effective include: Orthopedic implants and screws, Dental implants and screws, Stents, and RF connectors.

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