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Rescheduled: FlexLive on Youtube - 3pm - May 6, 2021

We have rescheduled our live youtube event with FlexLIVE for 3pm on Thursday, May 6, 2021.

How to watch instructions:

Step 1) Click link here to stream: Techniks FlexLive YouTube

Step 2) To join the chat simply login to your google/gmail account. 

FlexLive - Live Demo Event Proomotion Banner
We are excited to join the team at Flex Machine Tools for an episode of their  FlexLive YouTube series of high-quality live CNC machine demonstrations. Their talented hosts will guide you through some of the latest additions to our Techniks and Parlec brands. Our friends at Robbjack Carbide Cutting Tools have been kind enough to let us combine their high-precision cutting tools with our holders to show how TTG can help you improve your CNC production. On-hand during the event will be our very own VP of Sales, Mike Eneix, and Midwest Sales Manager, Brian Haskett, to provide technical background of these new technologies. Also joining the discussion will be VP of Engineering for Robbjack, Mike MacArthur, to add his 20 years of experience to the show and explain how combining high-precision cutting tools with Techniks Certified Holders can improve your overall production. The show will cover a detailed overview of our latest ShrinkFIT solutions, demonstrating our compact, but powerful, 00450 ShrinkFIT Machine; as well as run through of our line of ShrinkFIT holders, including coolant-ported, SlimPRO, SFS modular system, and heavy wall shrinkfit holders. Also, for the first time, the superior cutting performance of our Triton Hydraulic Holders will be live and in action. With its enhanced hydraulic bladder, Triton hydraulic holders are disproving the theory that hydros are reserved for just light milling operations. You will see how our Triton chucks are built to hog! Our final demonstration will feature our Parlec brand Micron Milling Chucks. We will describe how the unique features of Micron chucks help improve tool life, surface finish, dimensional accuracy and productivity for all types of heavy duty applications. The M-style Micron Mold Chucks are perfect for extended lengths and tight spaces. We can’t wait to deliver an engaging and informative event, and we are excited to have the chance to interact with other machinists and watch chips fly! If you make the live event, simply login to your google/gmail account and will will be able to join the discussion, and ask any of our experts any questions you may have. But, if you don’t happen to make the live event, you will be able to stream the show in its entirety from YouTube anytime.

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