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SFS12 Modular ShrinkFIT Holders

Product Description

SFS12 Modular ShrinkFIT Holders feature a powerful internal drawbar design for maximum holding power, providing accuracy and clearance at extended lengths, and mold & die applications. Modular adapters allow for quick tool changes for shanks from 1/8″ to 1/2″. SFS toolholders and ShrinkFIT adaptersmade from H13 also provide reduced wear on the machine spindle when compared to stainless steel holders.

Part No.Descriptionl1l2DDrawbar-T2D3D
10.780.12.035BT30 x SFS12 - 1.38"1.38"0.51"1.50"SFS-M10C-20.6 10.780.12.035.dwg 10.780.12.035.step
11.780.12.045BT40 x SFS12 - 1.77"1.77"0.71"1.50"SFS-M10C-20.6 11.780.12.045.dwg 11.780.12.045.step
31.780.12.177CAT40 x SFS12 - 1.77"1.77"0.34"1.50"SFS-M10C-20.6 31.780.12.177.dwg 31.780.12.177.step
32.780.12.295CAT50 x SFS12 - 2.95"2.95"1.46"1.50"SFS-M10C-20.6 32.780.12.295.dwg 32.780.12.295.step
99.780.12.075HSK40E x SFS12 - 2.95"2.95"2.16"1.50"SFS-M10C-20.6 99.780.12.075.dwg 99.780.12.075.step
73.780.12.075HSK63A x SFS12 - 2.95"2.95"1.85"1.50"SFS-M10C-20.6 73.780.12.075.dwg 73.780.12.075.step
103.780.12.075HSK63F x SFS12 - 2.56"2.56"1.45"1.50"SFS-M10C-20.6103.780.12.075.dwg103.780.12.075.step
75.780.12.105HSK100A x SFS12 - 4.13"4.13"1.85"1.50"SFS-M10C-20.6 75.780.12.105.dwg 75.780.12.105.step
SKU 10.780.12.138 11.780.12.045 31.780.12.177 32.780.12.295 99.780.12.075 73.780.12.075 103.780.12.065 75.780.12.105 Categories , , Tags , , ,

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