Techniks CNC Tool Holders

Techniks Certified Tools

Techniks Certified Tool Holders deliver excellent performance in a wide range of machining applications including milling, drilling, tapping, and boring. All Techniks Certified tool holders are inspected, tested and lab-certified products that provide outstanding value and extend perishable cutting tool life to save you money. 

Choose Your Tool Holder Style

Collet Chucks

Our Techniks Certified Collet Chucks are balanced to 25,000 RPM @ G2.5, 0.0001” max. T.I.R., include a PowerCOAT nut for increased holding power.

Collets & Nuts

The broadest selection of ER, TG, and DA collets including standard, steelsealed, coolant, rigid & floating tap, and DNA (Dead Nuts Accurate).

End Mill Holders

Techniks End Mill Holders feature H5 bore tolerance is the best in the industry to reduce run-out and improve cutting performance and tool life.

ShrinkFIT Holders

Techniks ShrinkFIT holders are made from H13 steel for long-lasting, reliable performance. Available with CoolBLAST coolant ports and DIN-B coolant delivery.

Hydraulic Holders

Techniks Hydraulic Holders feature the highest clamping pressure of any hydraulic chuck. Provides repeatable accuracy of <.0001”, with smooth cutting performance.

Milling Chucks & Other Holder Types

Extreme clamping pressure and accuracy. Use reducing sleeves for any shank size for maximum flexibility.

Face Mill Arbors

Techniks face mill arbors feature H6 arbor tolerance is the best in the industry and ensures the most accurate fit with the face mill cutter for superior cutting performance.

PSC Holders

Wide variety of Capto*-compatible tooling including collet chucks, end mill holders, shrink fit holders, face mill arbors, and insert holders.

Tapping Tools

MicroFLOAT synchronous tapping system, Tension/Compression, and Rigid options to meet any tapping application. Quick-Change adapter allows for fast tap changes.

Boring Tools

Rigid & easy-to-use modular boring from .314” to 40.157”. Roughing and finishing head options and modular BohrSTAR boring kits.

Retention Knobs

A large selection for any machine, made from aircraft-quality AMS6274 alloy steel, all mating surfaces precision ground.

Eppinger Tooling

High quality CNC lathe tooling, including tool changing systems, driven tool holders, and static tool holders.

Setup Equipment

Everything you need including tightening stands, torque wrenches, retention knob sockets, and preset gauges.

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