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EEPM-CIR Vertical Turning Chucks

  • Rare-earth magnetis for superior holding power, workpiece stability, and reduced vibration.

  • Full 5-axis machining and through hole boring/drilling,

  • Machine multiple operations in a single setup

  • Uniform holding means no workpiece deformation

Product Description

EEPM-CIR Vertical Turning Chucks are a powerful and fast workholding fixture optimized for horizontal or vertical turning centers and 5-axis machining. Using magnetic workholding you can clamp/un-clamp the part in only seconds. Reduce setup down-time to increase machine up-time. Controller is included with chuck.

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ModelDim. (O.D. x I.D. x H) No. PolesHolding PowerWeightControl2D3D
EEPM-CIR50019.7" x 0" x 2.75"12 + 412,345 lbs.229 lbs.C1Coming SoonComing Soon
EEPM-CIR60023.6" x 0" x 2.75"12 + 417,636 lbs.326 lbs.C2Coming SoonComing Soon
EEPM-CIR80031.5" x 9.84" x 3.34"1628,219 lbs.665 lbs.C2Coming SoonComing Soon
EEPM-CIR100039.4" x 9.84" x 3.34"1642,328 lbs.1,038 lbs.C4Coming SoonComing Soon
EEPM-CIR125049.6" x 19.68" x 4.33"2452,910 lbs.1,825 lbs.C4Coming SoonComing Soon
EEPM-CIR150059.0" x 19.68" x 4.72"2474,075 lbs.2,921 lbs.C8Coming SoonComing Soon
EEPM-CIR160064.2" x 19.68" x 4.72"2484,657 lbs.3,322 lbs.C8Coming SoonComing Soon
EEPM-CIR180071.6" x 31.49" x 4.72"36111,112 lbs.5,048 lbs.C8Coming SoonComing Soon
EEPM-CIR200080.7" x 39.37" x 5.11"36111,112 lbs.5,489 lbs.C8Coming SoonComing Soon
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