EVP Business Development, Techniks Tool Group

Greg has been with Techniks Tool Group for over 23 years serving in many roles from VP of Sales to President & CEO during which he has gained a deep understanding of CNC manufacturing processes and how to optimize tooling and workholding solutions for specific applications. He has written several articles, white papers, and blogs on various tooling, deburring, and workholding-related topics. As a recognized subject matter expert on CNC tooling, Greg is often approached to provide opinions and content for technical articles.

Techniks ELM lifting magnet

Benefits of Using Lifting Magnets

Benefits of Using Lifting Magnets Lifting magnets offer a range of advantages in a variety of material handling applications. These compact, lightweight, and powerful magnetic devices are designed to efficiently

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Anatomy of a collet

CNC Collets: Types and Maintenance Tips

If you are from the manufacturing or construction industries, the term “collets” is probably familiar to you. There are many types of collets used in many different industries and applications.

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OEM Quality BMT65 Tool Holder

Best OEM Quality BMT65 Benefits

OEM-Level Quality Parlec has been making BMT65 tool holders for one of the largest machine manufacturers in the world for many years. We have the know-how to produce top-quality BMT65

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Techniks ER Coolant Collets

Best ER Coolant Collets

Machinists often are often challenged with the need to direct coolant to the cutting area. Getting coolant to the cutting area is critical for efficient chip evacuation, adding lubricity to

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FlexLive - Live Demo Event Proomotion Banner

Rescheduled: FlexLIVE Youtube Demo – May 6, 2021 – 3 pm

Rescheduled: FlexLive on Youtube – 3pm – May 6, 2021​. We are excited to join the team and Flex Machine Tools to feature our newest CNC tooling solutions. The talented hosts at FlexLive will demonstrate the superior cutting quality of some of Techniks newest tools, while discussing their overall advantages.

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Spinner Deburring is The Fastest Metal Deburring Solution

sPINner Deburring is the Fastest Metal Deburring Solution. Batch deburr your small precision metal parts, eliminated tedious hand-deburring. The sPINner reaches where hand deburring cannot, works great for irregular parts and small precision parts with hard-to-reach internal cavities.

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Vice President of Sales, Techniks Tool Group

Mike joined Techniks Tool Group in 2001 and launched the manufacturer’s representatives and distribution network for Techniks. Mike has served as VP of Sales since 2014 and managed the integration of Parlec’s sales and marketing teams into the Techniks Tool Group family. Mike’s extensive field experience has provided him a unique insight on manufacturing challenges and their solutions through optimized tool holding and work holding configurations across a broad range of industries.

Parlec PRO ER Collet

Why A Coated ER Collet?

It’s been estimated that a tool with a run-out of 50% of the tool’s chip load will reduce its tool-life by 40%. That means that a 1/8” tool with a

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