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MicroFLOAT Synchronized Tapping

Product Description

MicroFLOAT is an easy-to-use system that can be expanded to achieve lengths of 9″ using modular extensions. Quick change adapters make tap replacement fast and easy.

MicroFLOAT synchronized tapping holders “cushion the blow” of the damaging effects caused by forces created by synchronization errors during the tapping cycle. Limiting these effects ultimately provides unmatched stability and repeatability to help you get the most out of your rigid tapping system.

MicroFLOAT Synchronous Tapping Holders

Techniks MicroFLOAT synchronous feed technology automatically compensates for synchronization errors between the spindle rotation, feed rates, and thread pitch that create destructive forces on your taps during a rigid tapping cycle, to reduce unwanted axial forces on the tap to produce the truest possible threads and extend tap life.

Limiting these effects ultimately provides unmatched stability, floating tap reduces tap breakage, improves thread quality, and increases tap life by over 295%. MicroFLOAT tapping holders are designed for high-pressure coolant delivery for coolant-through taps. The use of modular extensions allows the MicroFLOAT system to achieve lengths up to 9” for long-reach tapping applications.

Internal steel spring compensation allows 0.008″ (.2mm) of compression and 0.040″ (1mm) of tension, effectively compensating for synchronization errors, and protecting the tap from excessive axial forces and breaking. Because the tap follows the exact same path both in and out of the hole, optimum thread quality and maximum tap life are achieved.

MicroFLOAT key technology features:

  1. Synchronous feed
  2. Quick-change tap adapters
  3. Modular extensions: up to 9”
  4. Coolant-thru technology
  5. Tap holders increase tap tool life by 295%

Techniks MicroFLOAT Synchronized Tapping

No matter how good your machine’s tapping cycle is, there are always small mechanical variances that produce path inaccuracies during a rigid tapping cycle. These variances cause wear on the tap, leading to premature tap failure and poor thread quality. MicroFLOAT synchronous feed holders cushion the sudden shocks taps are subject to, minimizing damage to the tap. MicroFLOAT’s ability to compensate for feed variances provides unmatched stability. MicroFLOAT is the recommended solution for improving rigid tapping performance and providing a better tool life.

During the tapping cycle, MicroFLOAT’s synchronous feed technology automatically corrects for mechanical variances such as ball screw play, spindle wear, or material irregularities to produce the truest possible threads. Internal steel spring compensation allows 0.008″ (.2mm) of compression and 0.040″ (1mm) of tension, effectively compensating for path inaccuracies and protecting the tap from metal fatigue and breaking. Because the tap follows the exact same path both in and out of the hole, optimum thread quality is achieved.

Part No.DescriptionLDd2D3D
23400-40CATCAT40 holder #12.75"1.7"0.79" 23400-40CAT.dxf 23400-40CAT.step
23600-40CATCAT40 holder #23.54"2.36"1.26" 23600-40CAT.dxf 23600-40CAT.step
23400-50CATCAT50 holder #12.75"1.7"0.79" 23400-50CAT.dxf 23400-50CAT.step
23600-50CATCAT50 holder #23.54"2.36"1.26" 23600-50CAT.dxf 23600-50CAT.step
23400-30BTBT30 holder #12.09"1.7"0.79" 23400-30BT.dxf 23400-30BT.step
23400-40BTBT40 holder #12.40"1.7"1.26"23400-40BT.dxf23400-40BT.step
23600-40BTBT40 holder #23.22"2.36"1.26" 23600-40BT.dxf 23600-40BT.step
23400-H63AHSK63A holder #12.52"1.7".79" 23400-H63A.dxf 23400-H63A.step
23400-INC11" Straight Shank holder #11.3"1.7"0.79" 23400-INC1.dxf 23400-INC1.step
23600-INC11" Straight Shank holder #22.13"2.36"1.26" 23600-INC1.dxf 23600-INC1.step
Part No.DescriptionLDd2D3D
42147-ER16ER16 Mod. Adapter MicroFLOAT #11.97"1.10".91" 42147-ER16.dxf 42147-ER16.step
42247-ER25ER25 Mod. Adapter MicroFLOAT #23.11"1.65"1.38" 42247-ER25.dxf 42247-ER25.step
Part No.DescriptionLDdDWGSTP
23411-MODModular Body MicroFLOAT #1.20".91".79" 23411-MOD.dxf 23411-MOD.step
23611-MODModular Body MicroFLOAT #2.28"1.38"1.26" 23611-MOD.dxf 23611-MOD.step
Part No.DescriptionLDChuck2D3D
42150-251" Mod. Extension MicroFLOAT #1.98".91"23400-.. 42150-25.dxf 42150-25.step
42150-502" Mod. Extension MicroFLOAT #11.97".91"23400-.. 42150-50.dxf 42150-50.step
42250-502" Mod. Extension MicroFLOAT #21.97"1.38"23600-.. 42250-50.dxf 42250-50.step
42250-1004" Mod. Extension MicroFLOAT #23.94"1.38"23600-.. 42250-100.dxf 42250-100.step
Part No.DescriptionLDd2D3D
23410-ER16ER16 MicroFLOAT 1 Adapter2.16"1.10".79" 23410-ER16.dwg 23410-ER16.step
23610-ER25ER25 MicroFLOAT 2 Adapter3.39"1.65"1.27" 23610-ER25.dwg 23610-ER25.step
SKU 23400-40CAT 23600-40CAT 23400-50CAT 23600-50CAT 23400-30BT 23400-40BT 23600-40BT 23400-H63A 23400-INC1 23600-INC1 42147-ER16 42247-ER25 23411-MOD 23611-MOD 42150-25 42150-50 42250-50 42250-100 23410-ER16 23610-ER25 Categories , , Tags , , , , ,

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