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MicroFLOAT Synchronized Tapping

Product Description

MicroFLOAT synchronous tapping holders compensate for synchronization errors between the spindle rotation, feed-rate, and the thread-pitch that create damaging forces on your taps during a rigid tapping cycle. Limiting these effects ultimately provides unmatched stability and repeatablity to help you get the most out of your rigid tapping system.

  • MicroFLOAT Sync Tap Chucks
  • MicroFLOAT ER Modular Adapter
  • MicroFLOAT modular body
  • MicroFLOAT Modular Extensions
  • Quick Change Tap Adapters
Part No.DescriptionLDd2D3D
23400-40CATCAT40 MicroFLOAT #12.75"1.7"0.79" 23400-40CAT.dxf 23400-40CAT.step
23600-40CATCAT40 MicroFLOAT #23.54"2.36"1.26" 23600-40CAT.dxf 23600-40CAT.step
23400-50CATCAT50 MicroFLOAT #12.75"1.7"0.79" 23400-50CAT.dxf 23400-50CAT.step
23600-50CATCAT50 MicroFLOAT #23.54"2.36"1.26" 23600-50CAT.dxf 23600-50CAT.step
23400-30BTBT30 MicroFLOAT #12.09"1.7"0.79" 23400-30BT.dxf 23400-30BT.step
23400-40BTBT40 MicroFLOAT #12.40"1.7"1.26" 23400-40BT.dxf 23400-40BT.step
23600-40BTBT40 MicroFLOAT #23.22"2.36"1.26" 23600-40BT.dxf 23600-40BT.step
23400-H63AHSK63A MicroFLOAT #12.52"1.7".79" 23400-H63A.dxf 23400-H63A.step
23400-INC11" Straight Shank MicroFLOAT # 11.3"1.7"0.79" 23400-INC1.dxf 23400-INC1.step
23600-INC11" Straight Shank MicroFLOAT # 22.13"2.36"1.26" 23600-INC1.dxf 23600-INC1.step
Part No.DescriptionLDd2D3D
42147-ER16ER16 Mod. Adapter MicroFLOAT #11.97"1.10".91" 42147-ER16.dxf 42147-ER16.step
42247-ER25ER25 Mod. Adapter MicroFLOAT #23.11"1.65"1.38" 42247-ER25.dxf 42247-ER25.step
Part No.DescriptionLDdDWGSTP
23411-MODModular Body MicroFLOAT #1.20".91".79" 23411-MOD.dxf 23411-MOD.step
23611-MODModular Body MicroFLOAT #2.28"1.38"1.26" 23611-MOD.dxf 23611-MOD.step
Part No.DescriptionLDChuck2D3D
42150-251" Mod. Extension MicroFLOAT #1.98".91"23400-.. 42150-25.dxf 42150-25.step
42150-502" Mod. Extension MicroFLOAT #11.97".91"23400-.. 42150-50.dxf 42150-50.step
42250-502" Mod. Extension MicroFLOAT #21.97"1.38"23600-.. 42250-50.dxf 42250-50.step
42250-1004" Mod. Extension MicroFLOAT #23.94"1.38"23600-.. 42250-100.dxf 42250-100.step
Part No.DescriptionLDd2D3D
23410-ER16ER16 MicroFLOAT 1 Adapter2.16"1.10".79" 23410-ER16.dwg 23410-ER16.step
23610-ER25ER25 MicroFLOAT 2 Adapter3.39"1.65"1.27" 23610-ER25.dwg 23610-ER25.step
SKU 23400-40CAT 23600-40CAT 23400-50CAT 23600-50CAT 23400-30BT 23400-40BT 23600-40BT 23400-H63A 23400-INC1 23600-INC1 42147-ER16 42247-ER25 23411-MOD 23611-MOD 42150-25 42150-50 42250-50 42250-100 23410-ER16 23610-ER25 Categories , , Tags , , , , ,

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