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Rescheduled: FlexLIVE Youtube Demo – May 6, 2021 – 3pm

Rescheduled: FlexLive on Youtube – 3pm – May 6, 2021​. We are excited to join the team and Flex Machine Tools to feature our newest CNC tooling solutions. The talented hosts at FlexLive will demonstrate the superior cutting quality of some of Techniks newest tools, while discussing their overall advantages.

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sPINner Deburring is the Fastest Metal Deburring Solution

sPINner Deburring is the Fastest Metal Deburring Solution. Batch deburr your small precision metal parts, eliminated tedious hand-deburring. The sPINner reaches where hand deburring cannot, works great for irregular parts and small precision parts with hard-to-reach internal cavities.

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Live Tool Demo Event: FlexLive on Youtube - May 6, 2021

Mark Your Calendars and join us as the FlexLive team demonstrates our latest CNC tool holding solutions.

Techniks is excited to announce that we will be joining the team at Flex Machine Tools for an episode in their Youtube series of live demonstrations. FlexLive Youtube series provides high-quality, engaging live demos for all types of CNC machining solutions.  

We will be featuring our latest products from both our Parlec and Techniks brands; including our newest ShrinkFIT machines, our Triton Hydraulic Holders, Parlec’s high-precision Micron Milling Chucks and a preview of our P3 Advanced Collet System. The advantages of each new technology will be covered, while the FlexLive team puts our tools to the test in LIVE CNC demonstrations. 

We want to thank our friends at Robbjack Cutting Tools for providing the cutting tools for this event. RobbJack specializes in the engineering, manufacture and sale of solid carbide cutting tools

Watch the last time we partnered with FlexLive

Techniks was invited to contribute a couple of magnetic workholding chucks to be used within the CNC machining centers for the purpose of the demo. Beginning at the 22:00 minute mark, we feature our high-powered EEPM 6100 magnetic workholding chuck. Capable of providing over 86,000 pounds of holding force, our magnetic workholding chucks are the superior solution over all other workholding fxtures. 

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