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Use the AirPRO instead of ER collet nuts to provide enhanced dust removal capability to your machine. The AirPRO produces a powerful air-stream that evacuates sawdust directly into the dust collection hood, leaving a cleaner cut and clean air behind.

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Our inserts are the game-changer.

One insert for ALL materials
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MagVISE Workholding EZ Lift Material Handling

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er collet chuck toolholders
ShrinkFIT toolholders
end mill holders
DualDRIVE toolholders

Collet and Nut Toolholders
Choose from ER, TG, or SlimFIT collet chucks. CoolBLAST coolant-thru and DIN B coolant available.

Shrink-Fit Toolholders
Wide range of sizes and gage lengths available. Available with CoolBLAST coolant thru and CoolFLEX DIN B.

End Mill Holders
Choose stubby, standard, and extended lengths. CoolBLAST coolant thru and DIN B available.

DualDRIVE Holders
For Dual-Contact spindles. BT30, CAT40, CAT50 available. End Mill Holders, Collet Chucks, ShrinkFIT, Arbors

face mill arbors
Pinzbohr boring tools boring heads
EZ-Lift lifting magnets
magnetic workholding electro perm chuck
Face Mill Arbors
High precision face mill arbors are compatible with all coolant-thru face mills. Available for CAT, BT, HSK spindles.
Pinzbohr Boring Tools
Our Pinzbohr boring tools are unsurpassed for accuracy, rigidity, and repeatability. Boring Kits available.
EZ-Lift Lifting Magnets
Choose from 6 sizes rated up to 6,600 lbs. with a 3.5X safety factor. Spreader bars available.
ECB Workholding Vise
ECB magnetic vises are for modular setups for
any size part.
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