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Eppinger delivers industry-best CNC lathe tool holders, adapters and gears that allow you to push the limits of your machining center and set new benchmarks for productivity and quality.

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Driven Tool Holders

Our axial and radial live tool holders are made specifically for your CNC turning center or turn mill center to provide the best production performance in the industry.

Static Tool Holders

Our high accuracy static tool holders are made for strength and precision using cold roll steel, not castings. Interior strength is greater than 1000 n/mm2.

PRECI-FLEX® Adapters

The first and only tooling system using a Single Base Holder for an ER Collet and a multitude of other tooling adapters. Precision, flexibility and cost savings.

DECOFLEX® Adapters

DECOFLEX® is the best tooling system for interchangeable tools. With its extremely compact design, you achieve unprecedented efficiency in your production process.

PSC Tool Holders

The tooling system with the shortest PSC interface in the world – suitable for all standard PSC holders, offering plenty of scope – even for large workpieces.

Special Tool Holders

Double spindle to variable angle, we have the tools for your specific requirements. If you don’t find the tool you need, we can help you by creating tools to fit your demands.

Gear Boxes

High-precision gearboxes that are applicable in each sector of mechanical engineering. Angular, coaxial, and gear motors for different applications.


Manufactured using the highest quality Gleason machines. Custom made spiral, hypoid, Zerol gears, and components for cycloidal and planetary gears.

Rotary Tables

Extremely high bidirectional positioning accuracy & repeatability. Does not require an expensive external angle measuring system with complex installation.