CAT 40 ER Collet Chucks – Techniks Certified

  • Balanced to 25,000 RPM at G2.5

  • Maximum 0.0001" T.I.R. measured from taper to collet pocket

  • PowerCOAT Nut increases holding power by 75%

Techniks Certified means the critical features of each holder have been individually lab-tested, measured, and inspected for compliance with our meticulous quality requirements. Techniks Certified guarantees each tool holder meets or exceeds our published specifications.

CAT Collet Chucks

Techniks offers a large range of CAT collet chucks for every application Our high-performance CAT collet chucks feature our Power-Coat nut that provides 75% greater clamping pressure on the tool shank while minimizing radial distortion.

Each Techniks collet chuck comes with an individual lab report detailing balance, run-out, and other critical performance features of the tool.

Types and Benefits of Techniks CAT Collet Chucks

Techniks CAT collet chucks are balanced to 25,000 RPM at G2.5, have a maximum T.I.R. of 0.0001″  measured from taper to collet pocket, and include our exclusive PowerCOAT Nut that increases holding power on the tool shank by 75%.

CAT40 ER Collet Chucks – CoolFLEX: These CAT tool holders are factory set for coolant-thru spindle and DIN-B coolant-thru flange.

CAT40 ER Collet Chucks – Mini Nut: These collet chucks feature a Power-Coat mini nut for better clearance while still delivering maximum clamping pressure on the tool shank.

CAT40 ER Collet Chucks – Super Rigid: These super stubby collet chucks are balanced to 25,000 RPM at G2.5, have a maximum T.I.R. of 0.0001”, and feature the shortest projection of any collet chuck. Perfect when the Z axis is limited.

CAT40 ER Collet Chucks – DualDRIVE: Techniks DualDRIVE collet chucks are compatible with dual-contact spindles. The simultaneous flange and taper contact increases rigidity and accuracy during machining, and improved performance at high metal removal rates, and when machining at extended lengths. DualDRIVE collet chucks are factory set for coolant-thru the spindle and DIN-B coolant-thru flange.

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Part NumberDescriptionl1DMax. Shank Stop ScrewWrenchNut2D3D
22213-3CAT40 x ER11 - 3", hex nut3".748".275"16081460841111 22213-3.dwg 22213-3.step
22225CAT40 x ER16 - 2.76", hex nut2.76"1.08".406"16083460941116 22225.dwg 22225.step
22227CAT40 x ER16 - 4", hex nut4"1.08".406"16083460941116 22227.dwg 22227.step
22231CAT40 x ER16 - 6", hex nut6"1.08".406"16083460941116 22231.dwg 22231.step
22233CAT40 x ER16 - 8", hex nut8"1.08".406"16083460941116 22233.dwg 22233.step
22233-10CAT40 x ER16 - 10", hex nut10"1.08".406"16083460941116 22233-10.dwg 22233-10.step
22235CAT40 x ER20 - 2.76", hex nut2.76"1.34".512"16087461041120 22235.dwg 22235.step
22237CAT40 x ER20 - 4", hex nut4"1.34".512"16087461041120 22237.dwg 22237.step
22239CAT40 x ER20 - 6", hex nut6"1.34".512"16087461041120 22239.dwg 22239.step
22239-8CAT40 x ER20 - 8", hex nut8"1.34".512"16087461041120 22239-8.dwg 22239-8.step
22239-10CAT40 x ER20 - 10", hex nut10"1.34".512"16087461041120 22239-10.dwg 22239-10.step
22243-2.5CAT40 x ER25 - 2.5", slotted nut2.5"1.65".630"16089461541925 22243-2.5.dwg 22243-2.5.step
22243CAT40 x ER25 - 2.76", slotted nut2.76"1.65".630"16089461541925 22243.dwg 22243.step
22245CAT40 x ER25 - 4", slotted nut4"1.65".630"16089461541925 22245.dwg 22245.step
22247CAT40 x ER25 - 6", slotted nut6"1.65".630"16089461541925 22247.dwg 22247.step
22251CAT40 x ER25 - 8", slotted nut8"1.65".630"16089461541925 22251.dwg 22251.step
22253CAT40 x ER32 - 2.76", slotted nut2.76"1.97".788"16089461641932 22253.dwg 22253.step
22255CAT40 x ER32 - 4", slotted nut4"1.97".788"16089461641932 22255.dwg 22255.step
22257CAT40 x ER32 - 6", slotted nut6"1.97".788"16089461641932 22257.dwg 22257.step
22259CAT40 x ER32 - 8", slotted nut8"1.97".788"16089461641932 22259.dwg 22259.step
22259-10CAT40 x ER32 - 10", slotted nut10"1.97".788"16089461641932 22259-10.dwg 22259-10.step
22261CAT40 x ER40 - 3.15", slotted nut3.15"2.48"1.023"16091461741940 22261.dwg 22261.step
22263CAT40 x ER40 - 4", slotted nut4"2.48"1.023"16091461741940 22263.dwg 22263.step
22265CAT40 x ER40 - 6", slotted nut6"2.48"1.023"16091461741940 22265.dwg 22265.step
22269CAT40 x ER50 - 4", slotted nut4"3.07"1.338"16093461841950 22269.dwg 22269.step
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