BT Hydraulic Holders

  • Narrow body design for better clearance

  • Maximum T.IR. of 0.0001” at 3X diameter

  • AD/B CoolFLEX coolant delivery standard

Product Description

BT Hydraulic Holders SLIM line features narrower nose diameters for machining in tight areas such as mold & die work or whenever necessary to machine around obstructions such as workholding fixtures. SLIM chucks are available in a wide selection of on-size bores. The extended hydraulic bladder provides very stable clamping along the tool shank at have a repeatable accuracy of less than 0.0001” run-out making them an excellent choice for precision drilling and reaming applications. The EXTENDED line features longer gage lengths when long reach applications require the ultimate accuracy and stability such as when machining on horizontal machining centers. 

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Part No.Descriptiond1D1D2LL1L2Thread2D3D
153250BT30 AD/B x HC 1/4"S - 2.75"1/4"1.024"1.772"2.756"1.142"1.063"M5x0.8153250.dxf153250.step
153312BT30 AD/B x HC 5/16"S - 2.75"5/16'1.102"1.772"2.756"1.181"1.063"M6x1.0153312.dxf153312.step
153375BT30 AD/B x HC 3/8"S - 2.95"3/8"1.181"1.772"2.953"1.220"1.260"M8x1.0153375.dxf153375.step
153500BT30 AD/B x HC 1/2"S - 3.35"1/2"1.260"1.772"3.346"1.575"1.457"M10x1.0153500.dxf153500.step
153675BT30 AD/B x HC 5/8"S - 3.54"5/8"1.496"1.772"3.543"1.811"1.654"M6x1.0153675.dxf153675.step
153750BT30 AD/B x HC 3/4"S - 3.54"3/4"1.654'1.772"3.543"1.890"1.654"M6x1.0153750.dxf153750.step
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Part No.Descriptiond1D1D2LL1L2Thread2D3D
156250BT40 AD/B x HC 1/4"S - 3.54"1/4"1.024"1.772"3.543"1.181"1.063"M5x0.8156250.dxf156250.step
156250BT40 AD/B x HC 1/4"S - 3.54"1/4"1.024"1.772"3.543"1.181"1.063"M5x0.8156250.dxf156250.step
156375BT40 AD/B x HC 3/8"S - 3.54"3/8"1.181"1.772"3.543"1.260"1.260"M8x1.0156375.dxf156375.step
156500BT40 AD/B x HC 1/2"S - 3.54"1/2"1.260"1.772"3.543"1.378"1.457"M10x1.0156500.dxf156500.step
156625BT40 AD/B x HC 5/8"S - 3.54"5/8"1.496"1.890"3.543"1.575"1.654"M12x1.0156625.dxf156625.step
156750BT40 AD/B x 3/4"S - 3.54"3/4"1.654"1.890"3.543"1.575"1.654"M16x1.0156750.dxf156750.step
156100BT40 AD/B x HC 1"S - 3.94"1"1.969"2.362"3.937"1.772"1.890"M16x1.0156100.dxf156100.step
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