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Techniks Certified Tools

Each Techniks Certified Collet Chuck is balanced to 25,000 RPM @ G2.5 for maximum performance in high-speed applications.  

Techniks Collet Chucks are designed to deliver excellent performance in a wide range of machining applications including milling, drilling, and tapping. Our exclusive PowerCOAT nuts come standard on all ER and TG Collet Chuck providing 75% more holding power on the tool shank vs. standard collet nuts for improved safety and reduce the potential of tool slippage. Both through-spindle and CoolFLEX AD+B flange coolant delivery are available. 

DualDRIVE Collet Chucks are designed to work with dual-contact spindles to provide superior rigidity under heavy side loads. Extended gage lengths are available for long reach applications such as machining on horizontal machining centers.

Super Rigid collet chucks have a very short gage lengths are an excellent choice when Z-axis stroke is limited.  Mini nuts are available to reduce nut overhang when machining in tight areas such as mold & die machining or medical parts manufacturing.

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