Techniks has a number of tapping solutions for every application. Our MicroFLOAT tapping system compensates for synchronization errors between the spindle rotation, feed-rate, and the thread pitch that create damaging forces on taps during a rigid tapping cycle. Limiting these effects ultimately provides unmatched stability, reduces tap breakage, improves thread quality, and increases tap life by over 295%. MicroFLOAT tapping holders are designed for high-pressure coolant delivery for coolant-through taps. The use of modular extensions allows the MicroFLOAT system to achieve lengths up to 9” for long reach tapping applications. 

Tension and Compressions tap holders compensate for machine feed rates to improve results. The compression feature is adjustable to help start difficult taps. Rigid tap holders are compatible with popular international standard tap adapters. In addition to dedicated tapping systems, Techniks offers ER profile tap collets in standard, coolant sealed, and CoolBLAST coolant ported styles turning any ER collet chuck into a tapping chuck.

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