Best OEM Quality BMT65 Benefits

OEM-Level Quality

Parlec has been making BMT65 tool holders for one of the largest machine manufacturers in the world for many years. We have the know-how to produce top-quality BMT65 tooling to the most exacting standards.
Parlec BMT65 holders match Haas BMT’s in design, dimensions, and material


Ductile Iron vs. Steel

Parlec BMT65 tool holders are made from ductile iron as opposed to steel that is used by many other providers. The largest machine OEM in the world requires ductile iron as opposed to steel.
Ductile has superior shock absorption to steel – the average damping capacity for ductile iron is 6.6x higher than for SAE 1018 steel
Ductile iron has a higher abrasion resistance due, in large part, to the high % of graphite that acts as a graphite lubricant


Coolant Delivery Hardware is Included

Adjustable coolant delivery ports are included on all Parlec BMT65 tool holders



Our American-made tooling is on-the-shelf and ready to go into production – today!
No waiting on international shipping


Additional Advantages of BMT

BMT also provides:


  • Wide surface mounting area provides extra-rigid connection to the turret to improve cutting performance and tool-life
  • This is especially important for driven tools that create high forces on the connection
  • Additional tool clearance when working with a tailstock – live tool drive is not right behind the turret
  • Easy installation without additional alignment as is required with BOT and VDI holders
  • Ability to run static and driven tools so parts may be completed in one setup





Parlec BMT65 40mm ID Tool Holder


BMT65 Tool Holder Types


ID – Holds cylindrical tools to perform boring operations and/or other machining on the ID of the workpiece

Parlec BMT65 25mm OD Tool Holder



OD – Holds stick tools to perform turning operations and/or other machining on the OD of the workpiece






Always 100% Made-In-USA means we have the BMT65 tooling

you need, in stock and ready to go into production – TODAY!

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Greg Webb

Greg Webb

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