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HSK E ER Collet Chucks

  • Balanced to 25,000 RPM at G2.5

  • Maximum 0.0001" T.I.R. measured from taper to collet pocket

  • PowerCOAT Nut increases holding power by 75%

Part No.Descriptionl1DStop ScrewWrenchNutFlats
31374-60-EHSK32E x ER25 - 60mm, slotted nut60mm42mm16089046154612522mm 31374-60-E.DWG 31374-60-E.STP
31376-EHSK40E x ER16 - 65mm, slotted nut65mm32mm16083046134611624mm 31376-E.DWG 31376-E.STP
31383-EHSK40E x ER25 - 75mm, slotted nut75mm42mm16089046154612527mm 31383-E.DWG 31383-E.STP
31386-EHSK40E x ER32 - 100mm, slotted nut100mm50mm16089046164613235mm 31386-E.DWG 31386-E.STP
31402-EHSK50E x ER16 - 80mm, slotted nut80mm28mm16083046134611627mm 31402-E.DWG 31402-E.STP
31419-EHSK50E x ER32 - 85mm, slotted nut85mm50mm16089046164613236mm 31419-E.DWG 31419-E.STP
31456-EHSK63E x ER32 - 90mm, slotted nut90mm50mm16089046164613236mm 31456-E.DWG 31456-E.STP
31472-EHSK63E x ER40 - 120mm, slotted nut120mm63mm16091046174614046mm 31472-E.DWG 31472-E.STP
50001HSK63E x ER40 -75mm, slotted nut75mm63mm16091046174614046mm 50001.DWG 50001.STP
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