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ER Straight Shank Extensions – MiniNUT

  • Extension length should not exceed a 4 : 1 ratio of length to diameter.

  • Example: A 1/2" shank should not extend more than 2" in front of the holder.

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Part NumberDescriptionLl1l2CDStop ScrewWrenchNut2D3D
048893/8" x ER8 - 100mm, mini nut 124mm100mm24mm3/8" 12mm-46202310804889.dwg04889.step
048911/2" x ER11 - 140mm, mini nut 166.5mm140mm26.5mm1/2"16mm-46212311104891.dwg04891.step
048935/8" x ER11 - 140mm, mini nut 158.5mm140mm18.5mm5/8" 16mm-46212311104893.dwg04893.step
048951/2" x ER16 - 140mm, mini nut 177mm140mm37mm1/2"22mm-46222311604895.dwg04895.step
048963/4" x ER16 - 140mm, mini nut 165mm140mm25mm3/4"22mm1608346222311604896.dwg04896.step
048921/2" x ER20 - 140mm, mini nut 180mm140mm40mm1/2"28mm1608346232312004892.dwg04892.step
048943/4" x ER20 - 140mm, mini nut 180mm140mm40mm3/4"28mm1608346232312004894.dwg04894.step
0488120mm x ER20 - 180mm, mini nut 220mm180mm40mm20mm28mm1608346232312004881.dwg04881.step
048971" x ER20 - 140mm, mini nut 168mm140mm28mm1"28mm1608346232312004897.dwg04897.step
048983/4" x ER25 - 100mm, mini nut 149mm100mm49mm3/4"35mm1608746242312504898.dwg04898.step
048881" x ER25 - 140mm, mini nut 190mm140mm50mm1"35mm1608346242312504888.dwg04888.step

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