Double-Ended Straight Shank

  • For Swiss Style Lathes

  • Collet pocket T.I.R. 0.0001"

  • Wrench flats extend full length of shank

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Part NumberDescriptionl1l2CDNWrench2D3D
04801-DE3/4" x ER11 - 2.5" shank, double ended mini nut44mm12mm3/4"16mm8mm4621 04801-DE.dwg 04801-DE.step
04802-DE3/4" x ER11 - 3.35" shank, double ended mini nut65mm12mm3/4"16mm8mm4621 04802-DE.dwg 04802-DE.step
04803-DE3/4" x ER11 - 4" shank, double ended mini nut77mm12mm3/4"16mm8mm4621 04803-DE.dwg 04803-DE.step
04804-DE3/4" x ER11 - 5" shank, double ended mini nut99.5mm12mm3/4"16mm8mm4621 04804-DE.dwg 04804-DE.step

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