BT40 ER Chucks – CoolFLEX

  • Balanced to 25,000 RPM at G2.5

  • Maximum 0.0001" T.I.R. measured from taper to collet pocket

  • PowerCOAT Nut increases holding power by 75%

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Part NumberDescriptionl1DMax. ShankStop ScrewWrenchNut2D3D
16151FBT40 x ER16 - 70mm, hex nut, CoolFLEX70mm1.08".406"16083460941116 16151F.dwg 16151F.step
16153FBT40 x ER16 - 100mm, hex nut, CoolFLEX100mm1.08".406"16083460941116 16153F.dwg 16153F.step
16157FBT40 x ER16 - 150mm, hex nut, CoolFLEX150mm1.08".406"16083460941116 16157F.dwg 16157F.step
16159FBT40 x ER20 - 70mm, hex nut, CoolFLEX70mm1.34".512"16085461041120 16159F.dwg 16159F.step
16162FBT40 x ER20 - 100mm, hex nut, CoolFLEX100mm1.34".512"16085461041120 16162F.dwg 16162F.step
16167FBT40 x ER20 - 150mm, hex nut, CoolFLEX150mm1.34".512"16085461041120 16167F.dwg 16167F.step
16177FBT40 x ER32 - 70mm, slotted, CoolFLEX70mm1.97".788"16089461641932 16177F.dwg 16177F.step
16181FBT40 x ER32 - 150mm, slotted, CoolFLEX150mm1.97".788"16089461641932 16181F.dwg 16181F.step

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