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BT35/SYOZ25 Collet Chucks

  • Balanced to 25,000 RPM at G2.5

  • Maximum 0.0001" T.I.R. measured from taper to collet pocket

  • PowerCOAT Nut increases holding power by 75%

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Part NumberDescriptionl1DStop ScrewWrenchNut2D3D
16106-WBT30 x ER20 - 70 without drive slots70mm34mm16087461446120 16106-W.dwg 16106-W.step
16121BT30 x ER32 - 60, 41mm no flats - Komo60mm50mm16089461646132 16121.dwg 16121.step
16131BT30 x ER32 - 90 38mm no flats - Komo90mm50mm16089461646132 16131.dwg 16131.step
Part NumberDescriptionl1DWrenchNut2D3D
16001-WBT30 x SYOZ 25 - 70, 38mm flats70mm60mm8369183632 16001-W.dwg 16001-W.step
16001BT30 x SYOZ 25 - 70 with nut70mm60mm8369183632 16001.dwg 16001.step
Part NumberDescriptionl1DWrenchNut2D3D
16010BT 35 x SYOZ 25 - 7676mm60mm8369183632 16010.dwg 16010.step
161-BT35-ER32-76BT 35 x ER32 - 7676mm50mm461646132161-BT35-ER32-76.dwg161-BT35-ER32-76.step

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