Face Mill Arbor Screws

Face Mill Arbor Screws

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See All Available Part Numbers and Downloadable Drawings in the tables below.​

SKU 7582401 7582402 7582403 WF.C1-0.5 WF.C1-0.75 9851125 WF.C1-1 9851135 WF.C1-1.25 WF.C1-1.5 WF.C1-2 WF0.5 WF0.75 WF1 WF1.25 WF1.5 WF2 Categories , , Tags , , , , ,


  • Compatible with all face mills
  • H6 arbor tolerance for less chatter 
  • Taper ground to AT3 tolerance or better

Extended Length Face Mill Arbors: CAT40, CAT50 now up to 12″ gauge lengths.

All arbors are compatible with all face mills.

Use CoolBLAST arbor screws for high-pressure coolant.

Get Your CAD Drawings.

Techniks provides CAD drawings of our most popular products. Here >

Part No.DescriptionArbor SizeDLl1l2TSm2D3D
WF0.5FMA screw 1/2"1/2"5/8".84".5".34"1/4"-28UNF3/16".157" WF0.5.dwg WF0.5.step
WF0.75-1.5FMA screw 3/4"3/4"7/8"1.8"1.4".37"3/8"-24UNF1/4".197" WF0.75-1.5.dwg WF0.75-1.5.step
WF1-1.75FMA screw 1"1"1-3/16"1.4"0.81".37"1/2"-20UNF5/16".197" WF1-1.75.dwg WF1-1.75.step
WF1.25-1.75FMA screw 1-1/4"1-1/4"1-1/2"1.44"0.94".5"5/8"-18UNF5/16".236" WF1.25-1.75.dwg WF1.25-1.75.step
WF1.5-1.75FMA screw 1-1/2"1-1/2"1-7/8"1.63"1.13".5"3/4"-16UNF3/8".276" WF1.5-1.75.dwg WF1.5-1.75.step
WF2FMA screw 2"2"2-1/2"1.81"1.31".5"1"-14UNF1/2".354" WF2.dwg WF2.step
Part No.DescriptionStyleSizeDLl1l2TSm2D3D
WF.C1-0.5CoolBLAST arbor screw 1/2"B1/2"5/8".84".5".34"1/4"-28UNF3/16".187" WF.C1-0.5.dwg WF.C1-0.5.step
WF.C1-0.75CoolBLAST arbor screw 3/4"B3/4"7/8"1.37"1".37"3/8"-24UNF1/4".196" WF.C1-0.75.dwg WF.C1-0.75.step
9851125CAS-A-0.75 smaller "D"A3/4"5/8"1.37"1".37"3/8"-24UNF1/4".218" 9851125.dwg 9851125.step
WF.C1-1-1.75CoolBLAST arbor screw 1"B1"1-3/16"1.37"1".37"1/2"-20UNF5/16".197" WF.C1-1-1.75.dwg WF.C1-1-1.75.step
9851135CAS-A-1.00 smaller "D"A1"3/4"2.12"1.75".37"1/2"-20UNF5/16".218" 9851135.dwg 9851135.step
WF.C1-1.25-1.75CoolBLAST arbor screw 1-1/4"B1-1/4"1-1/2"1.75"1.25".5"5/8"-18UNF5/16".250" WF.C1-1.25-1.75.dwg WF.C1-1.25-1.75.step
WF.C1-1.5-1.75CoolBLAST arbor screw 1-1/2"B1-1/2"1-7/8"1.75"1.25".5"3/4"-16UNF3/8".312" WF.C1-1.5-1.75.dwg WF.C1-1.5-1.75.step
WF.C1-2-2CoolBLAST arbor screw 2"B2"2-1/2"2"1.5".5"1"-14UNF1/2".375" WF.C1-2-2.dwg WF.C1-2-2.step

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