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Finally! Download Your CAD Drawings!

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Download your CAD drawings

Techniks is excited to announce that we are entering into a new stage of development for our website. We have finally compiled the solid CAD model files you for each product available on Over the next couple days and weeks our web development team will be providing downloadable links to CAD drawings for each product throughout the site.

The addition of downloadable CAD files is just the next phase in our continued development of our site to improve its user-friendliness. As our developer begins to update the product tables, each product number will include a downloadable link to its associated .DXF and .STP files.

That’s almost 4,800 total SKUs, 9,600 2D and 3D model drawings added for your convenience!

You will be able to find your specific drawings through directly searching for the part number or navigating directly to the product page. Depending on your machine requirements, once you find your product, you will have the option of downloading a .DXF or .STP file.

As you being to take advantage of our available CAD files, please do not hesitate to continue to provide feedback on your website experience. It’s been with your help that Techniks is able to provide the highest levels of customer service.

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