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EEPM-CIRS Grinding Workholding Chucks

  • There are 9 stock sizes of EEPM-CIRS chucks to choose from (see table below). We also can build custom chucks for your machine.

  • Versatile round chucks to fit a variety of applications

  • Full 5-axis machining and through hole boring/drilling,

  • Machine multiple operations in a single setup

  • Run longer with faster feed-rates

Product Description

EEPM-CIRS Workholding Chucks are designed specifically for CNC grinding applications. Compared to traditional CNC workholding fixtures, our magnetic workholding solutions use powerful rare-earth magnets embedded into our EEPM chucks to ensure your workpiece is uniformly supported over a larger single area, freeing up all five sides of your workpiece, so you can machine the entire profile of the part in one setup. 

Call us today! Our engineers work with you to provide custom TURN-KEY solutions that integrate easily into your production process in order to improve efficiency and maximize productivity.

ModelDim. (O.D. x H)No. PolesHolding PowerWeightControl
EEPM-CIRS2007.99" x 2.75"42,204 lbs.35 lbs.C1
EEPM-CIRS30012.0" x 2.75"126,612 lbs.77 lbs.C1
EEPM-CIRS50019.68" x 2.75"3217,632 lbs.214 lbs.C1
EEPM-CIRS60024.4" x 2.75"5228,652 lbs.330 lbs.C2
EEPM-CIRS70027.55" x 2.75"7641,876 lbs.421 lbs.C4
EEPM-CIRS80032.28" x 2.75"9652,896 lbs.578 lbs.C4
EEPM-CIRS90035.82" x 3.14"12066,120 lbs.798 lbs.C4
EEPM-CIRS100040.15" x 3.14"16490,364 lbs.1,022 lbs.C8
EEPM-CIRS110045.54" x 3.14"204112,404 lbs.1,203 lbs.C8

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