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Straight Shank Tension-Compression Tap Holders

  • Less risk of damaged taps

  • Improved thread quality and tool life

  • Reduced feed errors

Part No.DescriptionD1DlLCapacityTensionCompression
32400/INC11" shank T/C Holder, Size 11.00"1.5"1.76"1.95"0-9/16"0.35"0.35"
32600/INC11" shank T/C Holder, Size 21.00"2.17"2.52"2.00"5/16-7/8"0.59"0.59"
32600/INC1-1/21 1/2" shank T/C Holder, Size 21.50"2.17"2.52"3.50"5/16-7/8"0.59"0.59"
32800/INC1-1/21 1/2" shank T/C Holder, Size 31.50"3.38"3.85"3.50"1/2-1 3/8"0.94"0.94"

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