ER Tap Collet Sets

ER Tap Collet Sets

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Introducing the ER Tap Collet Sets by Techniks – a great solution for rigid tapping applications. Designed to provide exceptional performance and reliability, these collet sets help turn any collet chuck into a tapping chuck.

Compatible with standard collet chucks for ER, DR, RD, ESX, BR, or DIN 6499 collet pockets, these collet sets offer a “one box” solution for tapping a wide range of hole diameters. With their universal compatibility with any ER collet chuck, you can seamlessly integrate them into your existing tool hodlers, saving time and effort during setup.

One of the standout features of the ER Tap Collet Sets is their unique slotting system and engages the square drive on the tap. This innovative design ensures a secure grip on square drive on the tap shanks, effectively preventing the tap from spinning inside the collet. Say goodbye to frustrating slippage and inaccurate threading – our collet sets guarantee a stable and precise tapping process, enhancing your overall productivity.

  • Prevent accidental damage to collets
  • Keep collets organized and ready to use
  • Exact fit for all your collets

*Compatible with the standard collet chucks for ER, DR, RD, ESX, BR or DIN 6499 collet pockets

The special square design locks flat-sided tap shanks into collet, preventing the tap from spinning inside the collet.

Use Techniks “Power Coat” nut for extra holding power in the collet pocket.

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