Techniks Services

Techniks prides itself on providing premium services to help you achieve new levels of success.

Industries We Serve

CNC solutions covering metalworking industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, and Mold & Die applications. 

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Techniks Roadshow

Techniks roadshow brings Techniks and Parlec tooling solutions to your facility for hands-on training and live on-site demos.

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Spinner Testing

Send us your parts for free testing. See the sPINner work for you. Our deburring specialist will run your parts and deliver a full report.

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Upgrade your holders with formula TTG 594, our patented coating formula for unbreakable holding force.

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Tool-Up Certificates

Our Tooling Certificates bundle a tooling purchase in with your cnc machine and redeem it when you are ready to Tool-up.

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