Tool-Up Certificates

Techniks tool-up certificates allow you to purchase your tooling when you finance your machine, and not have to pick out tools until you know exactly what you need.

Our Tooling Certificates bundle a tooling purchase in with your machine, helping you prevent unexpected out-of-pocket expenses when you tool up your new machine.

For Machine Dealers:

  • Purchase a tooling certificate at your normal discount using part number "CERT" for any value of tooling.
  • Sell the tooling certificate to your customer for a price set at your discretion.
  • Techniks will apply a credit in our system for your customer for the list price value of their certificate.
  • Your customer contacts Techniks Tool Group when they are ready to redeem their certificate for tooling as needed.
  • Customers may take up to a year to redeem the balance of their tool certificate.

For End-Users:

  • Purchase a Techniks Tooling Certificate for a specified amount, either from your machine tool dealer or your cutting tool distributor.
  • When you are ready to "TOOL-UP", you may redeem all, or any portion of your certificate value at any time for one year. Certificates expire 1 year from day of purchase.
  • The tooling experts at Techniks will help you specify the tooling you need from our full-line CNC Tooling Solutions catalog.