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PowerLOC Technology Reduces Scrap to Save Money

PowerLOC Technology Reduces Scrap to Save Money

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PowerLOC Technology Reduces Scrap to Save Money


  • Tool Slippage (axial tool movement)
  • Inaccuracy of indexable end mill shanks
  • Inability to remove the steel tool shanks from high technology ShrinkFIT chucks


  • Reduced diameter for ShrinkFIT Technology
  • Develop a shank that works with collet chucks and ShrinkFIT holders
  • Develop a square on the back of the shank to eliminate any tool slippage

PowerLOC Square Shank End Mill

PowerLOC Square Drive eliminates tool slippage issues improved accuracy, especially under heavy loads. Improved balance, rigidity, and accuracy (.0002″ T.I.R.) of the toolholder and end mill reduces wear on cutting inserts, extending life.

PowerLOC End Mills with Square Shank Adapter turn ER Chucks into PowerLOC Milling Holders. Used with either a ShrinkLOC holder or a PowerLOC collet chuck, you get all the performance benefits – PLUS – you don’t have to invest in a milling chuck!

Use PowerLOC technology to increase productivity and reduce costs.