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megaforce retention knob

Retention Knobs

Tested @ 2.5X the pulling forces of the drawbar.

MAS style
ANSI Style
DIN Style
Part No.Typeθd1d2Ll1l2T
4020TRK-MFBT40 - MAS 75° Coolant-Through75°.748".551"2.126"1.142".906"M16-2
3003TRK-MFBT30 - MAS 45°45°M12-1.75
3004TRK-MFBT30 - MAS 60°60°.433".276"1.693".906".709"M12-1.75
4003TRKC-MFBT40 - MAS 45° Coolant-Through45°.591".394"2.362"1.378"1.102"M16-2
4003TRK-MFBT40 - MAS 45°45°.591".394"2.362"1.378"1.102"M16-2
4004TRKC-MFBT40 - MAS 60° Coolant-Through60°.591".394"2.362"1.378"1.102"M16-2
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