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BT30 Boring Holders

  • Exceeds industry standards for taper accuracy and concentricity

  • Two offset axial tapered locking screws maximize rigidity and allow fast tool changes

  • Use extensions to increase boring depth

Product Description

Techniks BT30 Boring Holders combined with the Pinzbohr modular boring system deliver superior reliability, rigidity, and repeatability. Our boring heads are designed with insert pockets and cartridges that are integral with the body of the head to provide maximum rigidity and accuracy. Two offset center lock screws apply maximum tightening force between the boring head and the toolholder. PinzBOHR is a flexible boring system for holes ranging from 0.315″ up to 19.685″.  The system includes all necessary extensions and reducers, rough heads, finish heads and even includes face mill arbors and end mill holder options.

Part No.DescriptionD (mm)d (mm)BDLl1Coupling-Screw

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