UltraLINE Duo Aggregate Heads

ultraline duo output aggregate head
Max Speed Input (Spindle)10,000 R.P.M.
Max Speed Output (Tool) 15,000 R.P.M.
Max Torque16.25 ft/lbs
Gear Ratio1:1.5
LubricationOil Bath
Max Temp.85° C / 185° F
Output DirectionSame as machine spindle
Tool InterfacesM5, R6, S1, S2, A1, A2, A3, A4, 05

Tool Interface Reference

M5 = ER25 collet and nut

S1 = saw spindle – 45mm bolt circle

S2= saw spindle – 52mm bolt circle

A1 = Prolock Spindle

A2 = Prolock Spindle

R6 = ER32 collet and nut

R7 = ER40 collet and nut 

A3 = Prolock Spindle

A4 = Prolock Spindle

When ordering make sure to clarify if you are looking for fixed outputs or modular outputs  – ask our specialists which is right for you.

Product Description

UltraLINE Duo Aggregate Heads are perfect for routing, boring, mortising, and sawing operations. UltraLINE aggregates add 4th axis capability to your CNC router. Perform routing, boring, mortising, and sawing operations faster and easier. We recommend UltraLINE aggregates for sawing using blades larger than 7″, V-grooving, heavy routing operations, cutting MDF, composite materials, or cutting aluminum.

Ultraline Aggregates offer the widest selection and are among our most versatile grease lubricated aggregates. Designed for high performance in wood and non-wood composite materials, aluminum, and plastics. Techniks aggregate heads are purpose-built specifically for your unique operation.

How to Order

Each of our aggregate heads are individually hand-assembled, based on your unique requirement.  Fill out the form below or call us directly to speak with our aggregate head specialist. Simply provide us with your router manufacturer, spindle type, and the operation and material being used.

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