PowerLOC – ShrinkLOC

PowerLOC – ShrinkLOC

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  • Balanced to 25,000 RPMs
  • Eliminates costly milling chucks
  • Prevents tool slippage
  • Extends indexable insert life up to 50%

The ShrinkLOC square drive locks the tool shank and the toolholder, making it impossible for the tool to spin, even under the heaviest loads.
Part No.DescriptionUse with PLIMd1Ld2l1I.D. Square2D3D
7189027CAT40-SL.500-3.7516323450.53.751.12.370.38 7189027.dwg 7189027.step
7189036CAT40-SL.750-4.0016543450.7541.422.620.563 7189036.dwg 7189036.step
7189042CAT40-SL1.00-4.001665345141.812.620.75 7189042.dwg 7189042.step
7189060CAT50-SL.500-3.9416323450.53.941.12.560.38 7189060.dwg 7189060.step
7189064CAT50-SL.750-4.1316543450.754.131.422.760.563 7189064.dwg 7189064.step
7189068CAT50-SL.00-4.13166534514.131.812.760.75 7189068.dwg 7189068.step