PowerCOAT Ultra High-Speed Collet Nuts

  • Balanced to 25,000 RPM

  • Increases holding power by 75%

  • Better rigidity and less T.I.R. (runout)

Part No.DescriptionDBTWrenchTorque Specs.
46111ER11 high speed hex nut19mm11.8mmM14 x 0.750460817 ft/lbs.
46116ER16 high speed slot nut27.5mm18.0mmM22 x 1.50461342 ft/lbs.
46120ER20 high speed slot nut35mm19.5mmM25 x 1.50461459 ft/lbs.
46125ER25 high speed slot nut42mm20.5mmM32 x 1.50461577 ft/lbs.
46132ER32 high speed slot nut50mm23.0mmM40 x 1.504616100 ft/lbs.
46140ER40 high speed slot nut63mm26.0mmM50 x 1.504617130 ft/lbs.

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