LIFT-OFF Chip Remover

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Model: 332.16.338

Model: 332.16.168

  • Center port directs coolant to clean-out deep pockets, blind holes, and other areas where chips and swarf build up

  • Only 65.5mm diameter when closed conveniently fits in an automatic tool changer without obstructing adjacent positions

  • Fan blades automatically expand with spindle rotation to create a powerful air blast removing chips and coolant from parts and fixtures

  • Two sizes: One for targeted cleaning and smaller tables and another for larger chip volumes and tables sizes

  • 16mm shank can be held with a collet chuck

Product Description

The Lift-Off chip fan is a safe and convenient way to automate removing chips and coolant from parts after machining.

IMPROVES SAFETY – Since part cleaning is performed with the machine’s doors closed, chips and coolant stay in the machine.

MORE EFFICIENT – No more manually blowing off chips and coolant. Perfect for “lights-out” machining.

SAVES MONEY – Coolant stays in the machine saving money on “lost” coolant that stays on the parts.

Lift-OFF 338 Side2
Model No.Recommended RPMRotation DirectionRecommended Distance Between Open Wings and WorkpieceRecommended Feed RateWeight (KGS)
332.16.338Min. 4,000 /Max. 7,000 rpmClockwise4" - 6"118-590 in/min0.10 lbs.
332.16.168Min. 7,000 /Max. 12,000 rpmClockwise4" - 6"40-118 in/min0.08 lbs

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