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Jacobs Taper BT Drill Chucks

  • Better T.I.R. and rigidity than standard drill chucks

  • Use with keyless Jacobs Taper Drill Chucks

  • Taper ground to AT3 accuracy

Part No. Descriptionl1l2d12D3D
16502BT30 x JT2 - 45mm45mm20mm14.199mm 16502.dwg 16502.step
16504BT30 x JT33 - 45mm45mm24mm15.850mm 16504.dwg 16504.step
16506BT30 x JT6 - 45mm45mm24mm17.170mm 16506.dwg 16506.step
16522BT40 x JT2 - 45mm45mm20mm14.199mm 16522.dwg 16522.step
16523BT40 x JT33 - 45mm45mm24mm15.850mm 16523.dwg 16523.step
16524BT40 x JT6 - 45mm45mm24mm17.170mm 16524.dwg 16524.step
16542BT50 x JT2 - 45mm45mm20mm14.199mm 16542.dwg 16542.step
16543BT50 x JT33 - 45mm45mm24mm15.850mm 16543.dwg 16543.step
16544BT50 x JT6 - 45mm45mm24mm17.170mm 16544.dwg 16544.step
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