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Induction Blocks for Surface Grinding

  • Extends magnetic force to hold bar, round, or irregular shapes

  • EDM-READY: fully submersible, brass sealed

  • For fine-pole and standard pole applications

ModelQty.L x W x HPole Pitch P1 (mm)Pole Pitch P2 (mm)Weight
EHT-65V22.5" x 2.5" x 1.5"234 lbs. (x2)
EHT-7223" x 2" x 1"237 lbs. (x2)
EHT-10024" x 3" x 1.5"2310 lbs. (x2)
EHT-15016" x 3" x 1"235 lbs.
EHT-300112" x 3" x 1"2310 lbs.
EHT-150L16" x 3" x 1"235 lbs.
EHT-300L112" x 3" x 1"2310 lbs.
EHT-150W16" x 3" x 1"1+11+15 lbs.
EHT-300W112" x 3" x 1"1+11+110 lbs.

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