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R8 Face Mill Arbors

  • Compatible with all face mills

  • H6 arbor tolerance for less chatter

  • Taper ground to AT3 tolerance or better

Part No.Descriptionl1l2d1d2d3K2ScrewKey2D3D
7582401R8 x FMA - 3/4"4.7".675"3/4"".88"1.93.37"WF0.75-1.5FMAKEY-3/4 7582401.dwg 7582401.step
7582402R8 x FMA - 1"4.85".85"1"1.19"1.81".38"WF1-1.75FMAKEY-1 7582402.dwg 7582402.step
7582403R8 x FMA - 1-1/4"4.9".75"1-1/4""1.25"2.28".5"WF1.25-1.75FMAKEY-1-1/4 7582403.dwg 7582403.step

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