ER P3 Collets - Metric

  • Special anti-friction coating improves clamping pressure and accuracy

  • 3-micron accuracy improves tool life

  • Steel-sealed up to 2000 p.s.i. for coolant-though tooling

  • Fewer slots than standard collets enhance rigidity

  • Easily identifiable by blue coating on the collet face

  • Compatible with all ER collet chucks including the ERos system by Parlec

ER 11ER 16ER 20ER 25ER 32ER 40Size
P3M11-3MMP3M16-3MMP3M20-3MMP3M25-3MMP3M32-3MM3 mm
P3M11-3.5MM3.5 mm
P3M11-4MMP3M16-4MMP3M20-4MMP3M25-4MMP3M32-4MM4 mm
P3M11-4.5MM4.5 mm
P3M11-5MMP3M16-5MMP3M20-5MMP3M25-5MMP3M32-5MM5 mm
P3M11-5.5MM5.5 mm
P3M11-6MMP3M16-6MMP3M20-6MMP3M25-6MMP3M32-6MM6 mm
P3M11-6.5MM6.5 mm
P3M11-7MMP3M16-7MMP3M20-7MMP3M25-7MMP3M32-7MM7 mm
P3M16-8MMP3M20-8MMP3M25-8MMP3M32-8MM8 mm
P3M16-9MMP3M20-9MMP3M25-9MMP3M32-9MM9 mm
P3M16-10MMP3M20-10MMP3M25-10MMP3M32-10MMP3M40-10MM10 mm
P3M20-11MMP3M25-11MMP3M32-11MMP3M40-11MM11 mm
P3M20-12MMP3M25-12MMP3M32-12MMP3M40-12MM12 mm
P3M20-13MMP3M25-13MMP3M32-13MMP3M40-13MM13 mm
P3M25-14MMP3M32-14MMP3M40-14MM14 mm
P3M25-15MMP3M32-15MMP3M40-15MM15 mm
P3M25-16MMP3M32-16MMP3M40-16MM16 mm
P3M32-17MMP3M40-17MM17 mm
P3M32-18MMP3M40-18MM18 mm
P3M32-19MMP3M40-19MM19 mm
P3M32-20MMP3M40-20MM20 mm
P3M40-21MM21 mm
P3M40-22MM22 mm
P3M40-23MM23 mm
P3M40-24MM24 mm
P3M40-25MM25 mm
P3M40-26MM26 mm
SKU EROS11-1MM EROS11-1.5MM EROS11-2MM EROS11-2.5MM EROS11-3MM EROS11-3.5MM EROS11-4MM EROS11-4.5MM EROS11-5MM EROS11-5.5MM EROS11-6MM EROS11-6.5MM EROS11-7MM EROS11-S013 EROS16-3MM EROS16-4MM EROS16-5MM EROS16-6MM EROS16-7MM EROS16-8MM EROS16-9MM EROS16-10MM EROS16-S008 EROS20-3MM EROS20-4MM EROS20-5MM EROS20-6MM EROS20-7MM EROS20-8MM EROS20-9MM EROS20-10MM EROS20-11MM EROS20-12MM EROS20-13MM EROS20-S011 EROS25-3MM EROS25-4MM EROS25-5MM EROS25-6MM EROS25-7MM EROS25-8MM EROS25-9MM EROS25-10MM EROS25-11MM EROS25-12MM EROS25-13MM EROS25-14MM EROS25-15MM EROS25-16MM EROS25-S014 EROS32-3MM EROS32-4MM EROS32-5MM EROS32-6MM EROS32-7MM EROS32-8MM EROS32-9MM EROS32-10MM EROS32-11MM EROS32-12MM EROS32-13MM EROS32-14MM EROS32-15MM EROS32-16MM EROS32-17MM EROS32-18MM EROS32-19MM EROS32-20MM EROS32-S018 EROS40-10MM EROS40-11MM EROS40-12MM EROS40-13MM EROS40-14MM EROS40-15MM EROS40-16MM EROS40-17MM EROS40-18MM EROS40-19MM EROS40-20MM EROS40-21MM EROS40-22MM EROS40-23MM EROS40-24MM EROS40-25MM EROS40-26MM EROS40-S017 Categories , , Tags , ,

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