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ELM Lifting Magnets

  • Powerful rare-earth magnets deliver up to 6,600 lbs. of holding power - no electricity required

  • Faster setup and transport option than traditional material handling methods

  • No risk of injury to back, fingers, or toes when moving material in order to position slings or chains.

  • Will not wear out like straps or slings

Product Description

ELM Lifting Magnets use powerful rare-earth magnets deliver up to 6,600 lbs. of holding power. Throughout the metalworking and manufacturing industry factories are switching to magnetic lifting for their material handling. These magnets feature a safety rating 3.5X greater than straps and slings where risk of injury to back, fingers, and toes are almost unavoidable.

Call us today! Our engineers work with you to provide custom TURN-KEY solutions that integrate easily into your production process in order to improve efficiency and maximize productivity.

Dimensions for ELM Lifting Magnets
Part No.PlateRoundABCDEFGHWeight
ELM-100220 lbs.99 lbs.4.2"3.3"4.7"4.9"2.4"2.8"1.6"1.2"5.5 lbs.
ELM-300660 lbs.300 lbs.7.1"6.1"6.1"7.3"3.6"3.7"2.0"1.6"18.9 lbs.
ELM-6001,320 lbs.600 lbs.10.0"8.8"8.3"10.2"4.5"4.7"3.0"2.0"46 lbs.
ELM-10002,200 lbs.990 lbs.11.0"9.6"11.3"14.6"6.5"6.7"3.8"3.4"101 lbs.
ELM-20004,400 lbs.1,980 lbs.16.6"15.0"13.7"20.2"8.5"8.5"4.1"4.8"259 lbs.
ELM-30006,600 lbs.2,970 lbs.22.3"20.9"15.7"30.3"8.5"8.7"5.8"3.2"399 lbs.

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